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‘बाप विकणारे’ Uddhav And Shinde’s Low Ball Fight Over Shiv Sena’s Legacy

The fight between Uddhav & Shinde intensifies as both factions reach out to the Election Commission for the party’s official symbol ‘Bow and Arrow’
Uddhav’s lowball attack on CM’s 1.5-year-old grandson came during the Dussehra Melava

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This Dussehra, Maharashtra witnessed an iconic political situation in five decades when two rallies were held by Shiv Sena factions in Mumbai. Both current Sena supremo Uddhav Thackeray and Chief Minister Eknath Shinde took shots at each other, in which one of the verbal attacks was directed toward Shinde’s 1.5-year-old grandson. The factions of Sena are currently in a fight over the party’s official symbol ‘Bow and Arrow’ before the Election Commission of India, as BMC elections approach the symbol is considered as the fate deciding factor for them.

50 Khokasur, Dhokasur!

Comparing Shinde to ‘Ravana’, Uddhav Thackeray verbally attacked the CM from the Shivaji Park rally. With almost a lakh attendees, the rally wasn’t a disappointment for the Thackeray camp. As Thackeray described Shinde as ‘50 Khokasur, Dhokasur’, he urged people to recognize him as the ‘Ravana’. Here 50 Khokasur is related to the allegation that the MLAs and MPs from the Shinde camp took 50 crores each from the BJP, however, there’s no proof of it. 

Justifying the Coalition with Congress

Once Balasaheb Thackeray said, ‘Hijde Jukte Hai Sonia Ke Samne’, in the contrary years later Aditya Thackeray (grandson of Balasaheb) took an oath under the name of Congress supremo Gandhi. Justifying his coalition with the Mahavikas Agadi, that is Indian National Congress and Nationalist Congress Party, Uddhav Thackeray stated that it was a ploy to get back at BJP after their betrayal in 2019. He also hinted that the ‘Real Shiv Sena’ will stay in coalition with the MVA for further elections and brace its ‘Hindutva’ identity with pride. 

A Game Of Tug Of War For Late Leader’s Legacy

The fight comes down to one topic, ‘Hindutva’. The core foundation of the party was once based on the far-right ideology, which Shinde claims to take forward. The tug of war for the late leader’s legacy seems demeaning to many, comments like ‘Baap Chornari Aulad’ which simply means a thief who stole his father was spoken from Shivaji Park. In reply to which Shinde said that Uddhav sold Balasaheb’s legacy to the MVA.

With pictures of just the Thackerays in the background, Uddhav launched an attack on the family of Shinde. In his speech, he mentioned that Shinde’s 1.5-year-old grandson was eyeing the corporator post. 

Thackeray’s emotions overflow, while his brothers join Shinde

After losing three fourths of his party, one of the big guns Thackeray is left with is sympathy. Trying to gain as much sympathy as he could, Thackeray bowed down before the Shiv Sainiks present at Shivaji Park. Stating his back problem, he also stated that he couldn’t move forward before bowing down to the sainiks. Ironically, it also somehow justifies why he was called a ‘Work From Home CM’. 

While the Thackeray stage looked empty, his siblings were found supporting Eknath Shinde at the BKC. Jaidev Thackeray, Uddhav’s elder brother urged the Shiv Sainiks, not to leave Eknath alone. Along with Nihar Thackeray and Smita Thackeray, one key person to Balasaheb also stood beside the CM of Maharashtra. Known as the ‘Shadow’ of Balasaheb, Champa Singh Thapa, joined the Shinde faction during the Dussehra Melava and stood beside the empty chair meant as a homage to the late leader as his shadow.

Bow, Arrow, and BMC

As the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation elections approach the ground-level politics in Mumbai have intensified. However, this time Eknath Shinde as the chief minister, and it is said that the election isn’t limited to the Mumbai belt. According to Saam, on 8th October 2022, the Thackeray faction mailed the Election commission stating that Shinde is trying to favor BJP by pushing the decision early. The report states that as the bypolls of the Andheri East constituency approach, if the symbol goes to Shinde who won’t even contest, BJP will be benefited.

As per the same report, if the Bow & Arrow symbol goes to the Shinde faction, the Thackerays might go after the ‘Tiger’ sign which is currently in the party’s flag. However, the election commission doesn’t have the symbol available, they might allot either an elephant or a Lion to the Thackeray faction.

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A mountain of problems before Uddhav

After Shinde left Thackeray with almost three fourths of his sitting MPs and MLA, the faction of Shiv Sainiks following them also left. Currently high on emotions, Thackeray’s biggest challenge seems to turn this emotional rage within the citizens into votes. Along with backing from BJP-RSS, the Shinde faction also has the support of the Thane-Kalyan-Bhiwandi belt filled with resources. 

Another possibility before the Election Commission seems like issuing new symbols for both factions.

If this happens, will the BJP back the Shinde faction after it loses its Shiv Sena status? 

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