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4 in 5 Delhi NCR Families Suffering From Pollution Related Ailments

The hazardous air quality of Delhi-NCR has deeply affected the health of residents living in the area.

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Families in Delhi-NCR — a whopping 80 % — have been increasingly suffering from pollution-related ailments in recent days, revealed a survey. It summarises that the higher levels of air pollution in Delhi-NCR has led to a higher diagnosis of ailments such as asthma, sour throat, headache, etc.

The hazardous air quality of Delhi-NCR has deeply affected the health of residents living in the area.

Delhi Pollution
Via- LocalCircles

The Worsening Health of Families in Delhi NCR

The survey conducted by LocalCircles — a community social media platform — received 19,000 responses from Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram and Faridabad.

As many as 18 % of people said they or their family visited a doctor in recent days, revealed the survey. About 22% claimed that at least one family member had already contacted or messaged a doctor.

Data breakup shows that 12% informed of “visiting a doctor already”, and 6% said that, “1 or more of us have visited a doctor and a hospital already”. 6% said they would likely consult a doctor or visit a hospital in the coming week.

The majority of the 8,097 respondents, or 69% reported having a “sore throat and/or cough”; 56% of respondents report having “burning eyes,” and 50% had “runny nose and/or congestion”. 

44% had reported “breathing problems or asthma”, 44% had “headaches”, 44% suffered from “sleeping issues” while 31% of respondents had “anxiety or faced difficulty focusing”. Many among them suffered from two or more ailments.

Delhi’s Bad Air Quality

The air quality in Delhi-NCR has dipped to harmful levels — ranging from very poor to severe in recent weeks.

According to SAFAR, “stubble burning contributed to 34% of Delhi’s PM2.5 pollution”.

Former AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria cautioned, “Children, elderly and those whose lungs and hearts are weak should not go to such places where there are high pollution levels”. He further advised going outside only during sunlight, that too with a mask.

Amid deteriorating AQI, Delhi politics has also turned dramatic, with opposition BJP and Congress taking potshots at ruling AAP and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The political incapacity and inability to fulfil electoral promises have only hampered the residents of Delhi, who are left to suffer, particularly during this period of the year.

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