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A Huge Blast At Hazara Educational Center In Kabul, Many Feared Killed

According to initial updates, at least 46 people are feared killed in the incident. Though exact figure of causalities is still awaited

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A huge explosion rocked the city of Kabul in Afghanistan today morning. The attack took place in western Kabul on a Hazara Educational Center known as ‘Kaaj’.

As per the locals, at least 150 students were in the educational center run by the Hazara community when the blast took place fearing high casualties.

According to initial updates, at least 46 people were killed or injured. 

“No word on casualties yet but it could be as high as 50,” said local residents.

The Kabul Police Command has said that at least 19 people were killed and 27 others were injured in today’s attack on the Kaaj educational center. The Taliban officials have surrounded the area and no one is allowed to enter the site of the incident.

However, the death toll may rise as the victims are being rushed to hospitals at the time of filing of this news report and the Taliban is yet to give complete information about the casualties count.

Victims being rushed to hospital

Abdullah Abdullah, the former chairman of the Supreme Council of National Reconciliation, condemned today’s suicide attack at the “Kaaj” educational center and said that this act is the work of the enemies of peace and development of Afghanistan.

The Taliban has always denied the presence of ISKP (the Taliban’s prime enemy in Afghanistan) in Afghanistan but the brutal attacks continue in the war-torn country.

Earlier a big explosion took place in Kabul on 23rd September 2022 in a mosque killing 7 people and injuring many others.

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