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AAP - All for Advts, Nil to Address the Challenge 

A January 2022 report states that in the past year only ₹3 Lakh was used on acquiring decomposers to reduce pollution and to advertise this an amount ₹7.5 Crore was spent by the Delhi government

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Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s has spent a staggering ₹23 crores and more in the past two years on advertisements linked to air pollution mitigation. Interestingly, while on the ground, to address the issue of air pollution caused by stubble burning, the expense was limited to just ₹68 lakhs. 

A January 2022 report states that in the past year, only ₹3 Lakh was used on acquiring decomposers to reduce pollution while the Kejriwal government spent ₹7.5 Crore on advertisements linked to it. In other words, it is 250 times the actual expenditure for solving the pollution problem. The never-ending frauds of the Delhi government continue to date. 

AAP is in habit of putting blame on Diwali

It is a well-known fact that stubble burning has been a significant cause of Delhi’s increasing pollution but the Delhi government sticks to putting the blame on Diwali. The government has banned the use of firecrackers this Diwali and stated that it would add to the increased pollution levels in the capital. However, the Delhi Government has taken negligible and less impactful steps to address the issue. The Kejriwal government has been in the habit of attacking the Hindu community with intolerant rules and guidelines. Many believe this to be part of the minority appeasement tactics. 

Well, it’s time for the public to hold the Delhi government responsible for their irresponsible actions to address the problem of stubble burning rather than just being fooled by Kejriwal and the company. It is also an alarm for the people in the upcoming election-bound states on how to evaluate the promises vs delivery of the advertisement chief minister of Delhi.

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