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Afghan Students Seek Visas To Return To India For Studies

The students have been trapped in Afghanistan for the past 13 months and have not been able to follow their classes.

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Afghan students, who were studying in Indian educational institutions prior to the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, have protested in Kabul to seek a visa facility after India denied visas to Afghan students who wanted to return to India to complete their studies.

The students have been trapped in Afghanistan for the past 13 months and have not been able to follow their classes.

Many students have received emails from their universities back in India, asking them to attend classes as soon as possible, or else they would lose their scholarships in India. 

One of the Afghan students said that “The Indian government has announced 950 scholarships for Afghan students, but no action has been taken by authorities to bring back 2,500 students stuck in Afghanistan.”

The students have complained that the Taliban government’s Ministry of Higher Education spokesman Ahmad Taqi did not respond to their appeals regarding this issue.

Afghan students have been studying in India for many years. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the Indian government and subsequent lockdowns, Indian universities have shut down their colleges and opted for online classes.

The Afghan students who were studying in India also flew back to their country.

After the Taliban took over Kabul in August 2021, these students got stuck in Afghanistan as the Indian government had closed its embassy there as well as suspended flights between New Delhi and Kabul.

With the restart of offline classes across all university campuses in India, Afghan students were not able to return to India which has put their future at stake.

Afghans all over the world have been protesting against the Taliban regime. They have also protested against the inability of the international community to address the problems faced by Afghans.

Earlier, in August 2022, Afghan students also protested outside the Indian embassy in Kabul in order to get visas so that they could finish their studies in India.

The students are forced to take alternate routes to reach India. As per a report published by Tolo news, an Afghan digital TV network, “Those students who have money are trying to travel to India via Iran from Afghanistan. It costs around  $600 to $700 US dollars. Some students are trying to go via land route through Pakistan” .The students during their protest in Kabul chanted slogans, “Don’t sacrifice us for politics, education is our right.” 

 Earlier in June this year, an Indian delegation led by J.P Singh (joint secretary of India for Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran Division ) met Taliban acting Foreign Minister Amir Mutaqqi in Kabul.

Apart from the talks on bilateral relations and humanitarian assistance by India, both countries discussed consular services to Afghans, particularly students and patients giving relief to all the students struck in Afghanistan.

The situation currently is volatile in Afghanistan and is further evolving. India has been vigilant regarding threats emanating from Afghanistan as many terror organizations (like the Jesh-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Toiba) which have attacked India in the past, enjoy safe haven there.

Hence, India will take every step cautiously while dealing with Afghanistan. The Indian delegation’s meeting with top Taliban officials indicates India is pushing for diplomatic outreach to the Taliban government. This will slowly pave the way for granting visas to Afghan students stranded in Afghanistan.

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