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Canadian Govt Support for Separatism and Anti-Indian Elements

Will the Canadian government take action on the ongoing “hate crime” in the country and stop supporting anti-Indian elements and separatism in the region? This aspect and question could be of concern to Hindus living in Canada.

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The Indian High Commission in Ottawa on October 2nd condemned the incident of “hate crime” in Toronto, Canada, where the signboard of a Bhagvad Gita park has been vandalized. Incidents of crime against Indians have been on the rise in Canada. 

What is the actual incident? 

On Sunday night ( October 2nd) an incident of vandalism of the signboard of Sri Bhagavad Gita Park was reported by the Indian High Commission in Ottawa. Located in Brampton, a Canadian city in Ontario’s Greater Toronto area, Gita Park was recently inaugurated on September 28 by its Mayor Patrick Brown.

The park is spread over an area of 3.75 acres and will soon have sculptures of Lord Krishna and Arjuna. The park was initially called Troyers Park and has now been renamed Sri Bhagwad Gita Park. 

Past incidents of “Hate crime” in Canada against Indians

In September a few weeks ago, the Indian High Commission of Canada reported another such incident where the  Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan (BAPS) temple in Toronto, Canada was vandalized and its walls were painted with anti-India graffiti. A video surfaced on social media, where Khalistani slogans were scribbled on the walls of the temple. The investigation in the case is still on and no miscreants have yet been convicted of spreading such hate crime in the country. Section of people suspects that the supporters of Khalistan are creating a ruckus and vandalizing the temple walls in Canada.

There has been friction between Sikhs and Hindus in Canada over Khalistan. 

The Khalistan referendum in Brampton on September 18th demanded a separate free country with Shimla as its capital. This triggered the Indian government as it banned the Sikh For Justice (SFJ) outfit in India and also formally asked Canada to do the same. Though Canada has not banned the outfit yet and also refused to restrict voting for the Khalistan referendum in pretext of their law, which allows its citizens to have a right to self-determination and freedom of speech. 

Similar Khalistan referendums took place in London, Italy, Geneva, and several UK cities including Slough, Birmingham, Leicester, and Manchester. 

The important point to note here is that Leicester is the same city where the Hindu community has been facing atrocities and witnessing similar incidents of vandalism of Hindu temples.. 

Canada and India’s Stand on incidents of “Hate Crime”

The Canadian government has taken no action so far on the increased incidents of separatism prevalent in the country, that are targeting the Indian community. 

Back in 2020, Justin Trudeau supported the anti-farm law agitation in India, thus interfering in India’s internal politics. This action by the Canadian prime minister was deeply criticized and the Indian Ambassador’s group wrote an open letter blaming the Canadian government for the same.

The letter emphasized that “It is well-known that the separatist and violent Khalistani elements carry out anti-India activities, from the safety of the Canadian soil. They are also radicalizing the Canadian youth with far-reaching consequences, which is being ignored at the altar of short-term political expediency.”

The sharp increase in cases of sectarian violence, hate crime, and anti-Indian activities in Canada have increased tensions between both nations. Indian External Affairs Ministry on September 23rd issued an advisory for Indian nationals and students traveling to or currently residing in Canada to exercise due caution and remain vigilant. 

Coming back to the recent incident of the vandalism of the signboard of Sri Bhagwad Gita Park, the Indian High Commission, just like many previous incidents, has again requested the concerned authorities to investigate and take prompt action against the perpetrators. 

The local police have denied any such incident and stated that it was a temporary park signboard that was used in the park naming ceremony. 

Will the Canadian government take action on the ongoing “hate crime” in the country and stop supporting Anti-Indian elements and separatism in the region? This aspect and question could be of a concern to Hindus living in Canada. 

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