September 26, 2022 6:49 pm


About Aditya Raj Sinha

Aditya Raj Sinha is a journalist working for The Indian Affairs. He is interested in the revitalization of the Indic civilization apart from culture, art, history, literature, philosophy, and geopolitics. The intersectionality of subjects is what his forte is. When not writing, he can be found strolling around the forests in the Himalayas & talking to the seers about the idiosyncrasies of Shiv.

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Rupee Devaluation: Slippery Slope Or Blessing In Disguise?

The reduction of the rupee in comparison with the dollar also comes in the wake of recent non-dollar agreements done between India & other non-western countries like Russia, Venezuela & Iran. It is expected that the devaluation will continue, with ramifications for the larger de-dollarization of the world economy.

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The House In Crisis: Decoding The Real Estate Bubble In China

The total size of the unfinished projects in China comes roughly to around 590 billion dollars as of today. Much of them are a legacy of the ‘boom’ period starting from the late 90s to 2016- when generous capital was made available to the developers to drive demand for their industries, obviously backed by the state.

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