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Political instability

Political Unrest: A Common Global Sight

At a time when the world is facing instability and unprecedented chaos, it is significant to note how India has remained stable. Through the pandemic and beyond, the world has seen India asserting its position for playing a key role in the global realms. With every global power facing setbacks in some form or the other, India has held on to stability and is working towards a smooth recovery from the pandemic. 

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India's Foreign Policy

Step by Step In Foreign Policy– The Shaping Of A New India

India achieved its independence at a time when the world was already struggling through the aftermath of the world wars. A divided world awaited India. The shaping of the blocs as a result of the cold war posed challenges for the country. India has, however, put forth its own interests and yet abided by its civilizational policy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Let’s take a look at how India has stood tall when it came to its foreign policy.

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History Unravelling in Saudi Arabia

The remains of the Neolithic stone temple and the inscriptions highlight the traditions of the civilization that had existed. The discovery also echoes the possibility of a well-planned city that once existed at that site. With corner towers, open-air courtyards, the settlement brings into light the knowledge and well-trained minds of the settlers of the region.

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Rig Veda

Bharat & Its Bhumi devi– Echoing The Sanatan Thought

Nature and nature worship have been close to Indian civilization. Since there was a talk in the nation about the prayers offered to mother earth, it is also a time to revisit our vedic texts and realize that Bhumi vandana has been inherent to India and its thriving civilization.

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