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British Muslims reduced to ‘Second-Class Citizens’: Claims Report

Britain that always targets India on Minority issues is himself targeting a minority in his very country dumping them as second-class citizens

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British Muslims

“First Practice, Then Preach”. The proverb is being quoted as it best explains the current scenario regarding United Kingdom’s certain law which has reduced British Muslims to second-class citizens. Ironically, the same British Government has always been vocal raising issues of minorities in India.

British Muslims now Second-Class Citizens?

The report was published by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) past Sunday, alleging that the amendments have been introduced are exclusively targeting Muslims from South-Asian descent. 

The Nationality and Borders Bill has come under intense criticism from human rights groups (Credit- AFP)

The recent amendment to Nationality and Borders Act was passed in the House of Commons despite severe criticism by Opposition members and Human Rights activists. The report claims that new clauses have been extensively used against British citizens, particularly Muslims, who travelled to Syria — resulting in the withdrawal of their citizenship.

According to the amendment, now the home secretary may revoke the citizenship of any citizen without any prior notice due to national security or diplomatic concerns.

Frances Webber, the author of report wrote that the UK government has used these powers against dual citizenship and those whose claims are entitled to citizenship of another country, even though it is against international law to leave someone stateless.

Quoting the author, “While a ‘native’ British citizen, who has access to no other citizenship, can commit the most heinous crimes without jeopardising his right to remain British, none of the estimated six million British citizens with access to another citizenship can feel confident in the perpetual nature of their citizenship.”

Opposition of CAA

In 2019, the British Government in a debate in the House of Commons termed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) ‘divisive’ and expressed concerns over the safety of minorities in India. In the ensuing debate, many members of the house expressed their utmost contempt for the Indian government and the supposed ‘undemocratic law’.

One of the debating members, Lord Alton of Liverpool invoking Mahatma Gandhi, B.R. Ambedkar and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel lamented that India’s founding fathers would be aghast to see the current situation. The same set of standards apply for him now. Would now Winston Churchill be aghast too on the sorry state of affairs in his country?

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