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Delhi Smog Can Lead to Infertility, Say Reports

A new report says that the air pollution in Delhi could even affect the sex lives of Delhi residents.

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With a thick layer of smog covering the Delhi sky, the national capital is experiencing the worst air pollution these days. The air pollution challenges pose health issues to the Delhites, particularly the aged and the vulnerable. 

Significantly, a new report says that the air pollution in Delhi could even affect the sex lives of the residents of Delhi. According to Fertility experts and Gynaecologists, the major air pollution in Delhi will lead to infertility issues and even resist men’s libido.

How pollution will impact fertility

The polluted air can even adversely affect a pregnant women’s foetus if she inhales toxic air. Polluted air can also lead to a rise in cases of premature birth. The pollution level can even lead to miscarriage in pregnant women.

A sexologist asserted that the polluted air of Delhi could even lead to male infertility. An IVF expert said that the polluted air could increase the higher concentrations of free radicals in the blood, lowering sperm quality in fertile men. 

In fact, the presence of particulate matter and other hydrocarbons can lead to low levels of estrogen and testosterone and can, somehow, reduce the desire for sex and ruin the sex life of couples.

Long-Term Studies Needed on Impacts of Air Pollution 

According to a report, Ajay Nagpure, the Head of the Air Pollution section in the Sustainable Cities Programme at the World Resources Institute, India, said that “We don’t have India-Specific concentration-response function –which is the relationship between health and the exposure (to air pollution)”.

He further said, “One needs to conduct long-term population studies, Some institutions are carrying them out, but the health data will take another three to four years“.

There has been a long debate about controlling Air pollution, but the results are null, and this time multiple studies claimed that air pollution, besides leading to premature deaths, also affects fertility, pregnancy, birth defects and semen quality too.

Currently, Delhi’s AQI stands at 431, which is at the worst level. As Delhi is forced to breathe polluted air, the most affected will be the elderly and the schoolchildren. Currently, the primary Schools are closed, and once again, work from the office is shifting to work from home due to the spread of toxic fog in Delhi.

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