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Indian man racially abused and filmed by white man in Warsaw, Poland

Europe needs to come out of its primitive mentality of white supremacy as racism against Indians is on the rise
Poland needs to remember Maharaja Jamsaheb Digvijaysinhji Ranjitsinhji , who gave shelter to around 600 Polish orphans during WW II

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A row has erupted in the social media over racial discrimination being faced by Indians in the European countries. In a video, circulating in the social media, a person of Indian origin can been seen racially abused and filmed by a white man.

According to social media users, the incident took place in Poland’s capital Warsaw. In a 3 minute short video,a white American man has been seen humiliating an Indian origin man calling him as invader.

In the video, the white man is heard saying “Poland is for the Polish people and Indians are an invader who should leave the country immediately.”
He further goes on to say that white race is facing a genocide as Indians are outnumbering them all over Europe and America.

The incident once again showcased the White supremacy mentality of the Europeans who consider the third world country people inferior to them.
This case of discrimination on the basis of race is not new in Europe. The continent has a history of persistent expressions of racism and xenophobia.

Such incident of racial discrimination are not only limited to Europe but Indians have faced such hatred in countries like USA and Canada. Recently an Indian-American man has been racially abused by an American in California who threw racist remarks at him calling him “dirty Hindu” and a “disgusting dog”.

The recent Russian-Ukraine war also revealed the white supremacy mentality of the Europeans to the world. As the war in the eastern Europe continued, thousands of students and citizens of third world countries who were stuck in the war torn country faced discrimination from Ukrainian security forces as they tried to leave.

Asian and African students in particular have claimed to have faced racial discrimination from white people as they tried to flee to the western part of Ukraine. The Ukrainian forces were forbidding these students to board buses and trains to cross the Ukrainian borders.

India had always believed in the principle of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which is a Sanskrit phrase that means that the whole world is one single family. It is ironical to see that a country which lives by following such principles ,its citizens are facing discrimination on the basis of their race and nationality.

The world in general and Poland in particular should at this time remember Maharaja Jamsaheb Digvijaysinhji Ranjitsinhji of India. He was the ruler of Nawanagar, a princely state in British India, who volunteered to provide shelter to hundreds of Polish children.

Poland during 1940’s was shattered by the second world war. Stalin led erstwhile USSR attacked Poland and as a result thousands of Polish children were orphaned. These orphan children were then shifted to Soviet Union where they were kept in camps and orphanage centre. Many of these children died due to hunger and illness in these camps.

In 1941 these Polish orphans were allowed to leave the Soviet Union and it was Maharaja Jamsaheb Digvijaysinhji Ranjitsinhji who offered shelter to them.

These children were transported to India by members of Anders’ Army (a Polish armed force), the Red Cross, the Polish consulate in Bombay and British officials.
By 1942 these orphans started to reach India in groups.

Between 1942 and 1946 over 600 Polish children found a home in India thanks to the Maharaja. They were all provided with food, clothes and medical care. The Maharaja built dormitories for the children and looked after their studies, food etc. He took care of them as a father and the children used to call the Maharaja as ‘Bapu’

The Polish government out of respect for the Maharaja Digvijaysinhji had a square in Warsaw named after him. Since 2012, a small park in Warsaw is called the Square of the Good Maharaja.

Europe has to come out of its racial mentality and broaden its mindset. They should learn from countries like India, which maintains a feeling of unity in diversity. India is a country which has diverse religion, caste, culture and languages, still people in India coexist peacefully. Europe should understand that civilizations have co-existed down the ages. These incidents of discrimination reveals that Europeans are still to come out of medieval mentality.

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