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As Pak-Sponsored Genocide Increases, Baloch Leaders Urge UN to Intervene

In the last five years, 41,000 women have disappeared in Balochistan. In the year 2020, 22,600 Baloch people went missing

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As the systematic genocide of Balochs by Pakistan security forces in the Balochistan province of Pakistan is on the rise, Baloch leaders have urged the Secretary General of the United Nations to send a mission to probe the war crime incidents in Balochistan.

Terming the situation of Balochistan similar to that of Balkan states and Rwanda, or probably worst than that, Baloch leaders requested the Secretary General of the United Nations to send a fact-finding mission to Balochistan. Today, Balochistan is facing one of its worst humanitarian crises.

The head of the Balochistan Liberation Front and a pro-liberationist leader Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, have said, “Pakistan’s army is violating the laws of war by targeting civilians.”

He has on his Twitter handle said that freedom is the birthright of every individual or nation and that the people of Balochistan are struggling for their national freedom. 

He accused Pakistan Army of violating the rules of warfare as the security forces were targetting non-combatants. This has caused forced disappearances of Balochis, which includes women and children.

Naz Bibi, 6 year old child killed by Pakistani security forces at Harnai in occupied Balochistan. (Photo credit: News Intervention)

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said that “war crimes are being committed by Pakistan Army against unarmed civilians, including children and women and that the security forces have wiped off many civilians settlements.”

The leader of the BLF further said that the United Nations should take action against the Pakistani army and hold it accountable for the non-combatant and inhumane acts it has always carried out brazenly with complete impunity.

Insurgency in Balochistan

Balochistan, the biggest and the most resource-rich province of Pakistan has witnessed five phases of insurgencies. The series of insurgencies began immediately after the illegal annexation of Balochistan by the Pak Army in 1948.

After this, the rebellion against the Pakistan state germinated into a series of armed struggles in 1958, 1963–69, 1973–77, and the recent ongoing insurgency from the year 2003.

Although Pak Army has termed the insurgency in Balochistan as a low-level one, the fact is that every phase of the insurgency has been bigger than the previous one, both in terms of intensity and mass support, encompassing a wider geographical area. 

Genocide of Baloch people by the Pakistan Army

According to a Times Now report, “In the last five years, 41,000 women have disappeared in Balochistan, the largest province – geographically – in Pakistan. As many as 22,600 Baloch people disappeared in 2020 and 366 were killed in 2021. This year so far, 75 Balochs have been killed by the security forces of Pakistan.”

Baloch People protesting against the forced disappearance of their family members. (Photo Credit- NewsCom world)

In October 2022, many Baloch leaders also called out on western nations’ hypocrisy regarding the Balochistan issue. They accused them of funding the Pak Army in its pursuit of wiping out Baloch people from the province.

Since Balochistan is resource-rich, many international firms are investing in the province. A Canada-based firm Barrick Gold has invested in the province to extract copper in the $7 Billion Reko Diq project. 

Many Baloch leaders have accused the Pak Army of using financial support from Barrick Gold investments to commit genocide against the Baloch people.

Baloch leaders have also been demanding that no aid should be given to Pakistan as this aid is being used to target Baloch people.


Balochistan is facing one of the worst human rights violations, with people getting kidnapped and killed, with many missing. It is the duty of international organizations, like the UN, to intervene and allow its various bodies to conduct a thorough investigation against the genocide of the Baloch people.

Unless global institutions and bigger global powers come forward and exert greater pressure on Pakistan to stop its inhumane act, the suppression and killing of the Baloch people will continue.

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