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India serves demarche on Canada over Khalistan Referendum on 6th November

Pro Khalistani Organisation - Sikh For Justice hold referendum for separating Punjab from India.

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India Canada Khalistan referendum

Against the backdrop of the Khalistani Terrorism being harboured by the Canadian government, the Indian government has made its stance clear that it would not tolerate Anti-Indian activities being done on Canadian soil. The Indian High Commission in the capital city- Ottawa some days back submitted a demarche to the Trudeau-led government to castigate the upcoming Khalistan Referendum proposed on 6th November to be held in Canada.

The Indian High Commission was clear that Freedom of speech should not come at the territorial integrity and sovereignty of India.

(Sanjay Verma, High Commissioner of India to Canada speaks on the Khalistan referendum)

In a recent span of time, the Anti-Hindu pursuit has hit a record high in various provinces of Canada. The recent vandalism of Sri Bhagavad Gita Park in Brampton and the defacing of the BAPS temple with Anti-India Graffiti in Toronto were politically motivated by ‘Khalistani’ calls.

The Indian High Commission’s Demarche to Canada was in response to the Sikh Militant group – ‘Sikh For Justice’s most recently purported referendum who is now all set to hold 2nd unlawful exercise on November 6 in Toronto, Canada.  

Khalistan calls rise again as the Anti-India Forces hold a referendum in Brampton, Canada

The India High Commission to Canada said that New Delhi has probed the Trudeau government about abstaining from resisting the referendums and reminded their counterparts that the referendum organisers are organizing are serving a motive of radicalising Sikh youth and abscind the Indian community. The mission concluded the SJF’s Gurpatwant Singh Pannu’s rationale as a grave concern as the latter could politicise youth, bring politics into the campuses and debauch the tranquillity in the environment.  

It is to be noticed that the ruling Liberal Party of Canada in recent times, has condemned Russia’s referendum in the Ukrainian regions but on contrary is promoting a similar exercise for India in Canada.

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