February 2, 2023 12:59 am


Indian Army To Conduct Biggest Wartime Exercise In Western Sector

The exercise aims to increase synergy between various arms of the army and will demonstrate its operational preparedness in fighting rigorous desert and semi-desert warfare.

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In a bid to enhance operational preparation and coordination, the mechanised forces of the Indian Army will be undertaking a major military exercise in the western sector later this month.

The exercise aims to increase synergy between various arms of the army and will demonstrate the operational preparedness of the army in fighting rigorous desert and semi-desert warfare.

As per the Press Trust of India(PTI), “The exercise is aimed at validating newly-converted mechanized formations, also known as Reorganised Army Plains Infantry Division, testing the efficacy of latest inductions and upgrades in weapons and equipment, and also reviewing the enhanced force ratios accrued post rebalancing of the forces on the entire western front.” 

The aim of the exercise was to verify the tactical concepts of mechanised forces, especially the ‘Canal-based operations and fighting maneuver through built-up areas.’ The exercise is meant to validate the newly-formulated operational concepts. 

These new strategies are designed to launch a swift punitive blow on the adversary as part of the proactive strategy.

The exercise will also test and verify the synergy between arms and services including the old and newly inducted attack helicopters of the Indian Army. This will make sure that our forces are prepared to deal with any contingency in the western sector, which mainly has a desert and semi-desert terrain.

The enormity of the exercise is big as it will be witnessed by the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command, and top officials from the Army Head.

The Indian army frequently conducts military exercises both on small and large scales. The purpose of such an exercise is to ensure the combat readiness of forces. This also ensures that forces which are garrisoned are combat-ready before being deployed in combat. 

These exercises focus on the simulation of real, full-scale military operations in controlled hostile conditions. This is done to reproduce wartime decisions and activities to analyze the outcome of possible wartime decisions.

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