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Israel Bombs Damascus, Killing Five People

Israel has conducted several strikes in Syria to target Hezbollah terrorists who enjoy safe haven in the war-torn country

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Israel has carried out an air attack on Syria’s Damascus airport and other positions south of the capital, killing five soldiers and causing large scale infrastructural damage. The Syrian Ministry however claimed that they have intercepted several missiles and were successful in shooting them down.

According to Syrian officials, the attack took place on 17 September 2021, at around 12:45 AM local time (21:45 GMT) from the northeastern direction of Lake Tiberias, targeting Damascus airport and some points south of Damascus.

Israel has conducted several strikes in Syria to target Hezbollah terrorists who enjoy safe haven in the war-torn country. Iran supports Hezbollah and delivers weapons and ammunition to the terrorist organization through air routes. The ground movement is limited in Syria as the country is witnessing heavy fighting from militias and government forces.

Syria has been fighting its worst civil war. In 2011 protests erupted against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It then gradually became a proxy war battlefield for the United States and Russia.  Since then Syria has been in the grasp of civil war and violence which have resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of people. 


Hezbollah is a Lebanese-based Shiite Muslim political and militant group that was formed in 1985 during the Lebanese civil war. The Iran-backed group aims to oppose Israel and resist western influence in the middle east.

Hezbollah Israel conflict

The Hezbollah-Israel conflict dates back to 1978 when Israel occupied southern Lebanon. After coming into direct confrontation with Israel during the Lebanese civil war, Hezbollah launched a series of attacks on Israel, including the 1994 car bombing of a Jewish community centre in Argentina which killed 85 people.

Though Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, both parties were involved in a series of clashes, especially in the disputed Shebaa Farms border zone. The hostility between Israel and Hezbollah continued which further escalated in a month-long war in 2006, during which Hezbollah attacked Israel with thousands of rockets.

In August 2021, Hezbollah again attacked Israel by launching several missiles into Israeli territory in retaliation to Israeli airstrikes in Lebanon.

How has Hezbollah reached Syria

In 2011 protests erupted against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad 2011. The protest was organized to topple the Assad government. Following this Hezbollah announced its support for Bashar’s regime and joined Iran and Russia in fighting against the anti-government militias who were largely Sunni rebel groups.

The group has maintained its presence there since then. Hezbollah uses Syrian territory to acquire arms and ammunition from Iran and uses them to launch attacks against Israel. Israel in retaliation has intensified its aerial attack against Hezbollah camps in Syria.

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