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Rajasthan: A State of Emergency For Women

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has always been aggressive towards the incumbent central government regarding the safety and empowerment of women. However, the state where INC has been in power for the past four years is one of the worst states for women.

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The amusing campaign launched during the Uttar Pradesh elections of ‘Ladki Hu Lad Sakti Hu’ not only suggested girls wear bikinis to school but also had an inadequate representation of women leaders on the dais alongside the congressional princess. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has always been aggressive towards the incumbent central government regarding the safety and empowerment of women, however, the state where INC has been in power for the past four years is one of the worst states for women to live in.

In the country’s largest state, Rajasthan, there are about 1.34 Lakh women teachers but no toilets dedicated to them. According to an investigative report by Dainik Bhasker, it has been revealed that in about 68 thousand government schools in Rajasthan, there are no separate toilets for teachers. While in 6803, there are no toilets at all. Many teachers are forced to use the girls’ restroom, which is devoid of basic amenities and can be embarrassing.

Investigating further, The Pamphlet, found out that some teachers have no resort but to defecate in public in the absence of proper sanitation. Sources whose names cannot be revealed confirmed that there are no such facilities for female staff within the school premises of Rajasthan. 

‘Had To Fill Mouth With Water Just To Wash Off Period Stains’

While the talks about women’s empowerment fly around in Rajasthan, the investigation by Dainik Bhasker revealed something spine-chilling. According to the report, a teacher from Falodi government school said that she had to fill her mouth with water during her period days just to wash off any stains that may have occurred. As the schools facing this issue are mainly primary, it is uncomfortable to use kids’ washrooms during menstruation, said the teacher. 

Another teacher from Jaipur told the Bhasker that many teachers drink less water in the heat of Rajasthan just to avoid using kids’ toilets. There are no doors, commodes, or any type of facility which might make this any easier on the mind shapers of India. 

Worst Crime Rate In Years, Can Rajasthan Make it? 

Rajasthan is an Indian state where there hasn’t been the same government for two consecutive terms, however, in the past four years, the state has become one of the worst places for women to live in. Crime against women, rapes, lack of facilities, and much more have taken over the desert state of India. According to a report The Pamphlet published, Rajasthan saw a maximum crime rise among the 10 most populous states. 

As per the report released by the National Crime Record Bureau in 2021, about 6,337 rape cases were reported in Rajasthan, with an average of 528 rape cases every month, that is 17 rapes every day. Women’s safety much?

The NCRB report also stated that there was a 10.08% rise in crimes in the year 2021 compared to 2020. Now the COVID restrictions are fully lifted, the real numbers can be imagined to be far worse. 

Read the report to know more: https://theindianaffairs.com/en/rajasthan-reports-a-maximum-crime-rise-among-the-10-most-populous-states-ncrb/

President of Ajmer Youth Congress, A Nightmare For Hindu Girls 

 One of the most horrifying yet hush-hush rape scandals in India was executed by a member of Ajmer Dargah’s Chishti family, who was also the President of the Ajmer Youth Congress. Unofficially, the number of victims of this political-religious gang rape scandal was above 200 college and school girls. However, the police caved in to the political pressure from the party Chisti belonged to. The 18 accused came from the caretaker family of Chisti of the Ajmer Dargah. 

(Farooq Chisti and Nafis Chisti)

The modius Operandi of the gang started with a love affair, later the victim was blackmailed with the help of her nude photos to trap her friends as well. Thus the chain of more than 200 victims continued for a long period. Among the accused, many held offices in the Indian National Congress, including the President, Joint Secretary, and Vice President of the Ajmer Youth Congress.

It’s been more than three decades, yet the grand old party and its princess haven’t addressed the horror Hindus of Rajasthan faced in 1992. 

A lifetime of Denial 

After staying quiet for three decades, Ashok Gehlot, the current chief minister of Rajasthan, has taken onto himself for a lifetime of denial. According to the data by NCRB, a rape happens every 17 minutes in Rajasthan. However, Gehlot has denied accepting the data shown by the national agency. The chief minister of Rajasthan claimed that the data is false and that over 56% of the reports are fake without any foundation. Silence of lambs was slammed by the National Commission for Women citing that for a CM, his comments are the reason for an increase in crime against women. 

Followed by the denial, Gehlot stated that the law which punishes rapists with a death sentence is the reason for the increase in murders of rape victims. His statement was, ‘the rapist sees that the girl will become a witness tomorrow, so he not only rapes but also kills her. This is happening across the country and this is a very dangerous trend.’ After receiving a lot of criticism for the statement, the CM hasn’t retracted what he said. In a country that saw Nirbhaya, or Ajmer Rape Case, and is fighting for a stricter law against rape, such a statement from the Chief Minister of India’s largest state is unfortunate. 

After Rapes, Crimes, Now Verbal Attack On Women 

If throwing women of the state into the trap of rape and other crimes wasn’t enough, the party leaders and its loyal allies have made some demeaning statements about the womenkind. Veteran and loyalist of the Gandhi family, Digvijay Singh aka Diggiraja showed his sexist side while addressing party workers in Indore. He called Rahul Gandhi’s close aide Meenakshi Natarajan a ‘sau tunch maal’. 

Diggi Raja wasn’t the only one to publicly comment on such derogatory things, the son of ex-president Pranab Mukherjee, Abhijit Mukherjee said something offensive that sparked backlash. Abhijit said, ‘I would term the protests in Delhi as what is popularly known as Pink Revolution. It is becoming fashionable to land on the streets with candles in hand. Such people are completely disconnected from reality. They go to discotheques. I am very well-versed in student activism, and I can bet on it that most of the protesters are not students. They are dented and painted women chasing two minutes of fame, giving interviews on TV. The protesters do not fall in the age group of students.’ After much criticism, the ex-president’s son retracted his statement.

Be it the women within their party or opposition, Congress leaders have always found themselves in a crux of words. From calling them ‘Sau Tunch Maal’ to ‘Item’ they’ve done it all.

Shielding rape accused, rising crime rates, lack of basic amenities, and denying all of it, seem like everything ‘Ladki Hu Lad Sakti Hu’ stands against. Was it just a political campaign stunt? 

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