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Millions Of Underage Girls Target Of British-Pakistani Grooming Gangs

The world is still unknown what exactly the radical extremist Grooming Gang is. At the same time, the question remains: Will the newly elected Indian-origin Prime Minister Rishi Sunak do anything for the victims of religious extremism?

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The world knows about Bilkis Bano, a woman whose perpetrators were punished according to the law. However, the hypocritical western media went wild once the accused were released after 15 years. The reason to talk here about the Bilkis Bano case is simple as it exposes the hypocrisy of the western world. Being politically correct has gotten so much more important in the world of the west that saving a million underage girls from rapists and predators doesn’t seem worthy enough.

In a politically unstable country with about three prime ministers within a period where Indian weddings are planned, the systematically infused problems are more extensive than they appear. Leaving the political and financial issues the former colonizer is going through aside, the main focus should be on the decades-old problem of ‘Grooming Gangs’ that Great Britain has smartly ignored till now. 

(Members of Rochdale Grooming Gang)

Keep reading to learn more about what a Grooming Gang is.

The world is still unknown what exactly the radical extremist Grooming Gang is. At the same time, the question remains: Will the newly elected Indian-origin Prime Minister Rishi Sunak do anything for the victims of religious extremism?

Rishi Sunak on the extremism of Grooming Gangs

The newly elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, has faced his share of racism and criticism as he resided at 10 Downing street. In a two-month-old interview, the Indian-origin Prime Minister of the UK cleared his stand on the extremist grooming gangs. Rishi made it clear that the issue has been ignored for years due to political correctness, making it more critical. The new Prime Minister of the UK said that it is necessary to identify and call out the ‘ethnicity’ of those involved in these grooming gangs and reform the punishment for the concocted sins of these gangs. He mentioned that newly reformed laws would include a new task force dedicated to tackling the decades-long practice, and life imprisonment will be forced on the indicted convicts with no chance of parole. The stand of Sunak seems to be promising however it’s the result that will be effective.

What is a ‘Grooming Gang’?

Most of the world is living in an unknown light away from the darkness of these radical ‘Grooming Gangs.’ The second largest ethnic minority community living in the United Kingdom: British Pakistanis, has become the biggest nightmare for millions of underage English girls. The heinousness of these gangs came to light after a confidential police report was published by The Times revealing that children were being sexually molested and exploited by a group of Pakistani men in South Yorkshire. What’s more disturbing is that this report was kept confidential because the law institution didn’t want to be seen as ‘Racist’.

The organized network of ‘Grooming Gangs’ would abduct young girls aged 11, traffick them, rape them, and then beat them. According to a report by Spiked, the members of Grooming Gangs, mainly of Pakistani origin, would douse children involved in this with petrol and guns, make them watch violent rapes in ISIS-style, and scar them as the next victim if they told anything to anyone.

This heinous behavior was normalized in Rotherham, not only the authorities but the child services kept their mouths shut in fear of being called ‘Racist’.

A 15-year-old who bravely identified 97 Suspects

In 2003, Victoria Agoglia, a 15-year-old girl, succumbed to the brutal acts of these grooming gangs. Before Victoria took her last breath, she recognized over 57 victims of these gangs aged between 12 to 16. In her police report, Victoria said that a Pakistani-origin Britisher injected her with heroin and raped her. She also identified about 100 potential suspects throughout the Greater Manchester area, but only three people were convicted in a court of law.

Operation Augusta, and Coordinated Grooming

Now how would these gangs operate on such a large scale? Men of different age groups were involved in trapping young girls, in which the main task of befriending the girls would fall on the younger men of these grooming gangs.

These young members of the gangs would hang around schools of at-risk girls and woo them. Mostly known as ‘Romeos’, they would make them fall for them, make them feel important, and give gifts and drugs to groom them into drug addict prostitutes. These girls would later be passed on to the senior members of the gangs to be used in their ‘Sex Parties.

The death of Victoria led to the formation of ‘Operation Augusta‘ however it was shut down too soon with fears of inciting religious hatred and riots. Spiked also reported that the police feared not being seen as targeting another minority group. Does belonging to a minority give them a free pass for committing such barbaric acts?

What’s more ironic yet frightening is that the ringleader of one such grooming gang who had already been accused of child sexual abuse, Shabir Ahmed, was appointed as a welfare rights officer in 2005.

Easy Meat, not just English girls but Hindu and Sikh as well

Jack Straw, a member of the British parliament, said that the Pakistani-origin men from these grooming gangs see English girls as ‘Easy Meat’. The numbers suggest that there is no record of any non-muslim person targeting any Muslim girl for such heinous crimes. However, the numbers are frightening when the race is antipodes.

According to a documentary by CBN News, it was said that in a particular region, 6 out of 7 Muslim men either knew or were a part of a grooming gang. These men were said to pick up girls from shelter homes on their religious holy day of the week, ‘Friday’ or called ‘Jumma’ then raped with knives, bottles, and tongues nailed to the table, and then returned to their homes over the weekend.

Tommy Robinson, the man named an Islamophobe for raising his voice against Grooming Gangs

After knowing that one of his family members was a victim of these grooming gangs, Steven Lenon aka Tommy Robinson raised his voice against these grooming gangs. In an interview, Robinson stated that his cousin was raped and she was found running naked out of the ‘Muslim’ community.

The police played the common victim card, blaming her as a drug addict. However, the gang members got her addicted to drugs. Robinson starred in a controversial documentary named ‘The Rape of Britain’. In a protest staged by him more than 1500 people participated against the silence of the authorities about the barbaric acts of these radical grooming gangs.

Fear of Islamophobia, but Embracing Hinduphobia?

The unrest in Leicester seems to predict what may happen in a few years in the queen’s land. It’s not limited to the city of Leicester, where the calls for a genocide similar to Kashmir were made. However, victim blaming is on the top like Pandits were condemned in the valley for taking up top positions. Apart from covering up what can be called the biggest heinous coordinated child sexual rape of several decades, the British authorities and the LeLi of the western world have embraced Hinduphobia.

Love Jihad, Similar To Grooming Gangs?

Love Jihad appears as a trigger point for many in India, no matter how much one denies it, the truth surfaces every time a dead body of an innocent girl is found in a suitcase. Too many point Love Jihad can be compared to the Grooming gangs of the UK.

The only difference is that in India the grooming is done under the pretext of Love. The need for love jihad originates from the same radical roots grooming gangs came from. However, the Indian government has been transparent about the whole scenario and has brought laws against the problem.

The Habit of Protecting Perpetrators

It’s not just the western world that’s busy protecting perpetrators in fear of being called ‘Racist’. In a recent report of The Pamphlet, we talked about how an author didn’t seek justice just because the man who molested her was a non-brahmins.

This habit of political correctness has already destroyed the lives of more than a million English girls while the authorities turned a blind eye to blaming the victim.

Will Rishi Sunak be able to hop out of this ‘Chakravyuh’ of one-sided political correctness and bring justice to these innocent girls? Is India safe from the alleged ‘Love Jihad’ similar to these grooming gangs?

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