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Mumbai Businessman sentenced to 1.5 years of Imprisonment after  a derogatory comment

Saying such a roadside Romeo word is unacceptable", the Court said, charging the businessman under Section 354 of the IPC

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“Kya Item Kidher Jaa Rahi Ho”, a 25-year-old Mumbai City Businessman who uttered a derogatory comment to a 15 years old minor girl has been sentenced to one and half years of imprisonment by a Special POCSO Court in Mumbai.

“Calling a minor girl ‘Item’, a roadside Romeo word and allegedly pulling her hair is unacceptable”, the Court said, charging the business under Section 354 of the IPC.

The POCSO Special Court Judge S.J Ansari said, “Addressing a girl by saying such objectionable words can only objectify her sexually and nothing else. The law must make difficult decisions to teach the accused a lesson to protect a woman from such behaviour”.

The incident happened in July 2015, a day when the minor girl was on way to her school. While the girl was crossing a lane in Mumbai, the businessman and his friends confronted the girl, pulled her hair, and commented ridiculous words. He used the word ‘Item’, addressing the girl with diminishing words “Kya Item Kidher Jaa Rahi Ho?”.

As the girl returned from the school in the afternoon, the businessmen was still sitting on his Bike with his friends in the lane. After returning home, the girl complained about the Incidents to his Father.

The Court rejected the alleged accused’s plea in which he said that the parents of the minor were not happy with their friendship, and that’s why he is here. The Court determined that the accused had been following the girl with sexual intentions for one month. The Court subsequently convicted him under section 354 of the IPC and section 12 of the POCSO Act.

Cases regarding Child abuse and sexual assault are a major challenge for our country. In India, Maharashtra stands at the top of the list in terms of the number of cases of minor abuse, followed by Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat.

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