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Nano Urea: A gamechanger of the 21st Century

The invention of nano urea is a game changer in the agriculture business around the world.
Indian scientist Ramesh Raliya has made exemplary efforts in transforming a vision into reality.

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The invention of nano urea is a game changer in the agriculture business around the world. Its sustainable output in the farming culture can progressively uplift the economy of any country. Indian scientist Ramesh Raliya has made exemplary efforts in transforming a vision into reality.

The recent approval by the Indian government to commercially allow the usage of IFFCO’s nano liquid urea will revolutionize the Indian agriculture business.

What is Nano urea?

Nano urea is the nanoparticle form of urea that provides the most essential nutrient i.e. Nitrogen to the plants. Its nano size increases its availability to the crops by more than 80 percent. The liquid nano urea after it is sprayed directly on the plants, gets easily absorbed. 

While the conventional urea is a chemical based nitrogen fertilizer that is white in color and provides artificial nitrogen to the plants thus degrading the soil and crop health.

How is it beneficial over the commercial urea?

Nano urea is environmentally friendly as it reduces the level of pollution that the conventional urea does.

A 500ml bottle of liquid urea is equal to a 45 kilogram bag of conventional urea, which helps in reducing the transportation and logistics cost. It makes it more accessible to the far flung areas particularly in the hills.

Nano urea’s usage will also improve the soil and crop health of the farms. As per the 11,000 field trials conducted between 2019-2020, it was recorded that after the usage of liquid nano urea the average yield increases by 8 percent. 

The use of nano urea minimizes the runoff of nitrogenous fertilisers and increases the sustainability quotient. In a broader aspect, its usage would also reduce the impact on climate change. Its efficiency is as high as 85-90%  while that of the conventional one is only about 25%.

Role of Indian scientist Ramesh Raliya

A nanotechnology scientist Ramesh Raliya, who belongs to a humble background of farmers in Rajasthan is credited with inventing the world’s first liquid Nano urea.

He has been working on it since 2015 after which he got associated with IFFCO that launched its nationwide trail in November 2019.

Raliya licensed his invention and research for free so that the Indian farmers can have access to it at a low cost. His motive was to transform the chemical based farming into an organic based healthy one.

The introduction of urea can have an exemplary effect on the Indian economy by saving billions of dollars in imports and fertilizer subsidy. It is a great initiative towards an AtmaNirbhar Bharat.

 IFFCO’s contribution

IFFCO India is attributed with inventing, developing and commercially translating Nano Urea for the first time in the world. The aim is to increase the income of farmers and also higher crop yields in the fields.

With the usage of non-chemical urea on the crops, a better food quality is to be expected.

IFFCO’s development of nano urea will also spread the objective of Green Revolution forward and bring major positive changes in the farming community.

According to the statistics, the average increase in the income of farmers has been registered as Rs. 2000 per acre. The quality of the crops produced with the usage of nano urea will be better in terms of nutrient content and will be more safe for consumption.

Way Forward

After the introduction of IFFCO’s Nano urea in the market, the Indian farming community will witness a transformational change that will make farming easy and sustainable. In a recent effort by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the world’s first Nano Liquid Nano Urea manufacturing plant at Kalol, Gujarat was dedicated to the country .

The invention of Nano urea and its propagation campaigns would highly benefit the Indian farming community and upscale Indian economy as well.

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