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No Sanitary Pads Since 30 Months, AAP Sarkaar's Declining Udaan Yojana

Under the scheme, girls are distributed a packet of 6 sanitary pads for only 6 rupees

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Sanitary Pads

The Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP government has not provided sanitary pads to over 30,000 girls in Delhi under its ‘Udaan yojana’ since more than 2 years. The scheme aimed at the distribution of sanitary pads to adolescent girls from poor families. 

Under the scheme, girls are distributed a packet of 6 pads for 6 rupees.

30,000 beneficiaries without Sanitary Pads

According to a report, since March 2020, the Delhi govt has failed in fixing a vendor for purchasing sanitary pads.

The Kejriwal government is yet to finalise the new vendor for the scheme.

Yogesh Kumar, father of a 15-year-old girl, said they have not received any sanitary pads for a long time. 

He said, “I spend around 40% of my salary on her medicines and other expenses. Any assistance from the government is very helpful”.

According to several ASHA workers and officials, the Delhi government’s ‘Udaan yojana’ has been non-operational for more than 2 years.

Menstrual Health Scheme

The non-functional ‘Udaan yojana’ is part of the Central government’s National Menstrual Health Scheme.

Free sanitary pads from MHS
Free sanitary pads from MHS

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare introduced the scheme for the promotion of menstrual hygiene. The scheme was age-group specific of 10-19 year in rural areas.

The main objectives of the scheme are: 

  • To increase awareness among adolescent girls on Menstrual Hygiene.
  •  To increase access to and use of high-quality sanitary napkins for adolescent girls in rural areas.
  • To ensure safe disposal of Sanitary Napkins in an environmentally friendly manner.

Funds from Central government

Under this scheme, the Central government allotted funds to state governments and union territories.

Since its inception, the funds were also provided to Delhi government. This scheme was implemented by Kejriwal government in 2019 but not before they renamed it ‘Udaan yojana’.

Even after being funded by the Centre, the AAP government had procured bad-quality sanitary pads. The accusation was levelled by several beneficiaries of the scheme who were helpless to use the bad-quality pads.

In December 2019, the High Court ordered the Delhi govt to continue the distribution of free sanitary pads to poor and school-dropout girls.

While the attitude of the AAP government is causing inconvenience for poor girls, it has also dealt a setback to the central government’s initiative to improve national menstrual health.

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Yash Rawat

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