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One Nation One Police Uniform, A Key Suggestion By PM Modi

One police uniform will also give a sense of common identity to the police personnel across the country

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“One Nation One Uniform’, a suggestion by PM Narendra Modi, certainly has a basis for it. The uniform attire in Police will certainly give police personnel across India, a psychological advantage.

While virtually addressing the ‘Chintan Shivir’ of Home Ministers in Haryana on Friday, October 28, 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed the idea of a ‘One Nation One Police Uniform’ for the Police forces of different states.

During the speech, PM Modi pitched an idea for the police uniform where he wanted an identical identity for the Police only to strengthen unity and power. He said, “The One Nation, One Uniform for Police is just an idea. I am not trying to impose it on you. Just give it a thought. It may happen, it may take 5, 50, 100 or more years. But let’s give it a thought,” Modi said 

One Nation One Police Uniform

As the name suggests, the proposal for the One Nation One Police uniform seeks similar Police uniforms for the State Police departments of the country. It is seen that different states have different Police Uniforms, which makes them look different. 

Ideas for identical uniform

PM even went to the extent of giving examples of Letter Boxes that are uniformly coloured Red. Just like a red letter box could be identified even being far away, the same can be said for a common police uniform which would ensure a distinct uniform identity for the Police

Different States Different Police Uniforms

In 1847, Sir Harry Lumsden officially adopted the Khaki uniform for Police during British days. Not all states had khaki as their uniform. West Bengal, Goa and Tamil Nadu have white attires as their Police uniforms. While Other states wear khaki but somewhere, it is slightly lighter or darker in colour complexion. Currently, British-era khaki is worn by different Police in some states.

Economical and Social Values

The Police uniforms including caps, badges, shirts and trousers besides others will be ensured of quality materials due to the large-scale production. The police uniform will also give a sense of common identity to the police force across states in the country as the public in general can easily recognise police personnel anywhere.

One Nation idea

PM Modi supports the “One-Nation” idea. There are major initiatives of “One Nation”, which is going well in the country and benefitting the common man in some aspects. One Nation One Ration Card, One Nation One Grid, One Nation one Mobility, and One Nation One sign language are some of the important “One Nation” initiatives taken by PM Modi. 

The government took the One Nation One Fertilizer step to reduce the crisscross movement of fertilizers and establish a single brand ‘Bharat’ across the country. The one nation, one police Uniform is another key suggestion by him.

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