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Prof Desiraju Advocates Creating 75 States for Better Governance, Terms Muslims as Second Majority

Smaller states are easy to administer. They are better managed and deliver good governance

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International Award Winning Structural Chemist Prof Gautam Radhakrishna  Desiraju had advocated creation of a total of 75 states in the country for ensuring better governance asserting that smaller states were easier to administer and the best to deliver the goods.

Prof Desiraju, was in Dehradun on Sunday as part of Mussoorie Samvad, jointly hosted by The Pamphlet and Sidh. The interactive session focused on Prof Desiraju’s book – Bharat :  India 2.0, his first publishing venture outside the scientific domain.

He said it was to the advantage of India that we have a total of 75 states with each state having a population of 2 crores. “Small states are easy to administer as has been the case with smaller states like Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh. They are better managed and deliver good governance”, Prof Desiraju said even citing an example of Tamil Nadu and asserting that the Southern State can be bifurcated into four states for better governance. 

“One around Chennai, second Coimbatore-Tirupur region, third the Brihadishvara region, also known as granary of Tamil Nadu and the fourth state stretching from Madurai to Kanyakumari. Having these four smaller states will be far much better to govern than the present state of Tamil Nadu. You will be surprised to know that all these four regions speak different Tamil languages”, he said, putting forth his point in favour of separate states as effective means of governance. 

Referring to the title of his book – Bharat:  India 2.0, Prof Desiraju said India 1.0 ended on 14th May 2014 as the new dispensation led by Narendra Modi came at the helm of affairs at the Centre. He said India is presently under a transitional phase and is now inching towards a big period.  

He also asserted that the intelligence quotient in Indians was the best in the entire world and it was just the approach to the subject that made the difference.

“Why America, the United Kingdom and Germany are leading in Chemistry across the globe. This is because their approach to the subject is quite different from ours and mind you we have a better intelligent quotient from them. More than forty students have done their PhDs under my guidance and I have no doubt that Indians have the best IQs”, Prof Desiraju, a structural chemist asserted. 

Grandson of Second President of the country late Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Prof Gautam Desiraju reminded that while the entire country remembers Nehru’s tryst with destiny midnight speech on Independence, none knows that it was followed by three more effective speeches, which was far better than Nehru’s. 

“President of the Constituent Assembly Rajendra Babu, Khaliquzzaman, the Muslim League leader, who opted to stay in India and Dr Radhakrishnan, also delivered the speeches on the same day. But now one knows about this”, Prof Desiraju revealed.  He was also in for all praise for the first president of India. “Kudos to Rajendra Babu, who as head of constituent assembly presided as many as 165 sittings interacting with 300 fellows in run up to the making of Indian constitutions”, he added.

He also strongly rejected describing Muslims as a minority in India. “ I believe that Muslims are not a minority in India but they rather are a second Majority. They are twenty two crores”, he said adding that even a section of Muslims do not want to be called a minority. “In National discourse, why make them feel different in the first place”, Prof Desiraju argued. He also believed that Santan Dharma was a religion and not just a way of life as many interpret it. 

He said India was not just a geography but was a civilisational state. “I strongly believe in the reimagination of India as a civilisational state rather than a nation state”, he added. 

Prof Desiraju also did not fail to mention the 1948 Education Commission. He said it was strange that the recommendations of the commission were never implemented to the likes of Nehru. He said the Indian education scenario would have been totally different had the recommendations of the commission been implemented. 

Earlier, Sidh’s Founder Pawan Gupta referred to Prof Desiraju as a man of letters. “When the nation was on a lockdown due to the pandemic, a literary talent in Prof Desiraju was busy writing, which he accomplished with his monumental work like – Bharat :  India 2.0”, Pawan Gupta pointed out. He also reiterated Sidh’s commitment to hold many more such interactive programmes with eminent personalities of the country.

Jotirmay Thapliyal
Jotirmay Thapliyal

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