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"Muslim population use more of condoms", Owaisi

On 5th October, on the occasion of Vijayadashami, the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat made a remark on India’s population imbalance, to which Owaisi said that Muslim population uses the condoms most.

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The population of India is one of the most argued topics when one has to highlight the population growth and its direct impact on the sustainable development of the nation. The recent statement by AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi that muslim population use more condoms has yet again added fuel to the ranging population control debate in the country.

India was the first country in the world to launch a National Programme on Population Control and Family Planning in 1952 “to stabilise the population at a level consistent with the requirement of the national economy”. 

Let’s check the population stats during 1951 where the Hindu majority was 30.6 crores i.e., 82.1% of the total population and the Muslim minority population was 3.54 crores i.e., 9.49%. The Indian census in 1951 showed that there were 83 lakh Christians. Before partition, the Hindu population constituted 66 percent of India’s population.

According to the worldometer, (a website that provides counters and real-time statistics) the Muslim population today in India is 20 crores i.e., 14.20% whereas the Hindu population is 79.8%

On Saturday i.e., the 8th of Oct  2022, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi made a comment that the majority of Muslims use condoms and said that it’s a sin in the Quran to kill a foetus. He added that Muslims know how to give space to the second pregnancy. He also said that the total fertility rate of Muslims has declined by 2 per cent and asserted that BJP should not fear the Muslim population as it’s totally controlled. 

Owaisi also added that Muslims were treated like dogs but forgot to mention that most of the beneficiaries of the Government health facilities are those from minorities. 

On 5th October, on the occasion of Vijayadashami, the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat made a remark on India’s population imbalance. He said that this imbalance will generate a huge numerical gap between the communities which was also the reason that divided nations in the past. He stressed that the government should come up with new population policies. 

PM Modi uses a term very often while he addresses the public, saying ‘mere 130 crore ke deshvasiyon ki janta’ in his speech which is inclusive of all religions.  

On the 73rd independence day, PM Modi appreciated the new form of family planning that people are adopting. But still, there are many families which do not plan the future according to their income and are liable when they give birth to a child and cannot afford a basic lifestyle. 

Demography can change geoeconomics:

Population plays a major part in economic and social development, the policies can lead to social achievements which India is facing in many sectors. 

Bhagwat also emphasized the population measures adopted by China’s one-child policy. Which has made them achieve their goals smartly.

The population bill :

The population control bill was introduced in 2019 in the parliament but later it was withdrawn this year. The bill introduced two child policy per couple and aimed to incentivize its adoption by giving educational benefits, healthcare facilities and job opportunities. 

The Darulifta Deoband says this on contraceptives :

Darulifta Deoband’s website reveals that a question was asked to the clergy that said  “Is using condom while sex with wife permissible”?

In response to the query, Darulifta Deoband said the usage of condoms is applicable to a few factors out of which the major reason is when the income is less.

The other factor to use a condom is when the wife is weak and is not able to carry the baby physically. 

The Darulifta site also has claimed that using less income is not a valid reason to use a condom, so using a contraceptive in such conditions is not allowed. 

India’s Population explosion and population control  

The population of India has increased from 450.55 million to 1.39 billion from 1960 to 2021. 

There has been a growth of 209.3 per cent. The largest boost in the increase in population was observed in 1974 after which a National Population Policy was launched in 2000.

Since 2000 the national population policy has been launched for population control and family planning. 

(From the national population policy 2000)

On 11th July 2022, which is recognized as World Population Day. CM Yogi Adityanath launched a ‘population stability pakhwada’, where he said that population stabilization and population imbalance are different things and both shall be kept in mind. In a populous state like Uttar Pradesh, population stability and balance are very important.  

The rising population in India is a matter of concern that affects India both economically and socially, and this balance can exist only when the government will execute strict policies. 

India has risen high after the free covid-19 vaccination drive for crores of people. This program was achieved with a systemized planning and methodological division. Similarly, the government must launch policies to stabilize the population and bring in a major balance in the large interests of the well being of a nation.

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