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Putin Praises India, its Foreign Policy & PM Modi

Putin was in for all praise for PM Narendra Modi's leadership and hailed him as a true patriot. He applauded Modi's "Make in India" initiative and termed it economically and ethically salient.

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Putin calls Modi- A true Patriot

Against the backdrop of the Russian-Ukraine conflict and certain countries advocating Indian intervention, Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised India, its foreign policy and PM Narendra Modi.

In his annual address to the Valdai Discussion Club in Moscow, Russian President Putin hailed PM Modi as a true patriot and stated that the future belongs to India. India has made tremendous progress in its development. Putin acclaimed that, from being a British colony to a modern state, India has come a long way. India is feeding almost 1.5 billion people and has shown results in tangible development, which is enough to admire and respect India.

Putin also applauded Modi’s “Make in India” initiative and termed it economically and ethically salient. Under Modi’s leadership, India needs to be proud of the fact that it is the largest democracy. He accentuated the India-Russia relationship as exceptional throughout all these years. Unlike the west, Russia never had difficult issues with India and there has been mutual support in the past and present, and surely will be in the future too.

Economic cooperation has seen a new upsurge. PM Modi has emphasised increasing trade volumes with the current demand for supplying fertilisers for Indian agriculture by 7.6 times, almost double the preceding year. Prez Putin also lauded the Russo-Indian linkages in the fields of technology and military support, as Russia has stood as India’s most prominent defence partner since Soviet times.

Putin praise Modi at Valdai Club
Vladimir Putin, Fyodor Lukyanov © Valdai Discussion Club

En-course of his address to the Valdai Discussion Club (a Moscow-based think tank), Putin was highly critical of the west. He targeted Western countries (mainly the US and allies ) for playing dirty games to retain their global dominance. The west lacks creativity but inflicts its values and vision on others and robs the nations, said Putin. He reprimanded the west that the tables have turned and a multipolar world has emerged where the west must look out for the other nations with equality. On the other hand, Putin admired Modi as one of the few people capable of maintaining an independent foreign policy in a world polarised by Western hegemony. He pointed out that to Modi what matters is the interests of his people without any attempts to limit others.

Putin on India at Valdai Discussion Club 2022

In summing up his Indian annals in response to the question put up by General Sharma on India’s role in the post-hegemonic world, Prez Putin was highly optimistic about India’s future and proclaimed that the nation could play a significant role in global affairs. It is worth noticing that Russia has continuously backed India for permanent leadership in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Putin’s praise for India in Moscow comes when Russia is engaged in a straight war with Ukraine and indirectly with NATO, which is the major funder of the battle against Russia.

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