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Qatar Concludes Technical Work At Kabul Airport

The Qatar Embassy said that the airport symbolizes the renewed commitment of Qatar for prosperity of its Afghan brothers

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The Embassy of Qatar in Kabul has informed that the Qatari Technical team has successfully completed its work towards rebuilding of the Kabul International Airport as per international standards.

“The Qatari technical team assisted in the rehabilitation of Kabul Airport which is in line with international standards and was pivotal to the delivery of humanitarian and developmental aid to the Afghan people and the resumption of regular traffic flow to the airport” informed a tweet by the Qatar Embassy in Kabul.

The embassy further said that the airport symbolizes the renewed commitment of Qatar to the prosperity of its Afghan brothers.

The  Taliban had earlier in April 2022 set a deadline for the Qatari company to speedily complete the work of technical affairs of the airport.

After the completion of the work, the Qatari company’s mission in Kabul concludes as the Taliban has earlier this month signed a contract now with Abu Dhabi-based firm GAAC Solutions to operate the key airports in Afghanistan.

The Kabul airport was damaged during the withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan in August 2021. The airport suffered damage worth millions as the US forces damaged the airport’s technical area and terminals.

Afghanistan is a landlocked country and its only means to access the outer world is through airways. Hence, the reopening of these airports will help the Taliban to ease its isolation from the outside world.

These airports will also make it easy for the world to provide Afghanistan with humanitarian assistance as the country faces widespread hunger, droughts and a severe economic crisis.

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