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Rajasthan reports a maximum crime rise among the 10 most populous states: NCRB

As many as 6,337 cases of rapes were reported in Rajasthan in the year 2021, which is the maximum in any state in the country. Rajasthan reported 528 cases of rapes every month and 17 cases every day.

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Rajasthan tops the chart in rape cases

Congress-ruled Rajasthan has seen a surge in crime graph recording a maximum increase in the incidents of lawlessness in the year 2021 vis-à-vis 2020 among the ten most populous states in the country.

This was revealed in the recently released National Crime Record Bureau report ‘Crime in India 2021’.

States like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra & West Bengal have reported either fewer cases or minimal increase compared to the year 2020 despite having a bigger population than Rajasthan.

Rajasthan has also topped the chart for the most incidents of rapes in the country, reporting 17 rapes every day.

What report reveals?

According to the report, Rajasthan reported 2,14,552 IPC violation incidents in 2021, a 10.08% increase compared to 2020 when the state reported 1,93,279 incidents of crime.

The table below shows the change in the number of incidents of crime state-wise:

Rajasthan as it can be seen, has shown a +10.08 % increase in crime incidents compared to the previous year 2020.

Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan’s next-door neighbour with an almost similar population has shown an increase of only 7.11% compared to the previous year.

Rajasthan’s other neighbour, Gujarat, has succeeded in decreasing crime incidents as it reported a 26% decrease in 2021 compared to 2020.

Uttar Pradesh which has almost triple the population of Rajasthan has been able to keep its crime graph static. UP reported 2,795 more cases than the previous year, a negligible number going by the population of UP.

Maharashtra & Bihar despite having more than one and a half times the population of Rajasthan have reported a fairly good decrease in crime incidents. Maharashtra has shown a decrease of 26,799 incidents of crime whereas Bihar has shown a decrease of 8,692 cases.

Why Rajasthan’s Law & Order Situation is a Cause of Concern?

Rajasthan has almost topped the chart in incidents of crime against women, reporting 40,738 cases of this kind.

As many as 6,337 cases of rapes in the year 2021 were reported in Rajasthan, which is the maximum in any state in the country. This means Rajasthan reported 528 cases of rapes every month & 17 cases every day.

Rajasthan also topped the country in the cases of attempts to rape, reporting 987 such incidents. This means that a rape attempt on a woman was made every eighth hour. Rajasthan again became the state to report the fourth most Incidents of assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty reporting 9,079 cases of this kind and again revealing the failure of the state government in enforcing law & order.

Rajasthan also reported the sixth most cases of murders in the country,
counting 1,786 cases in 2021. Almost 5 murders a day, showing the “no fear of government’ rule in the state.

Alarmingly, the majority of incidents of Juvenile crime took place in Rajasthan. The congress-ruled state reported the third most crimes committed by juveniles counting 2,757.

These horrific figures show that the state has gone under complete lawlessness and the state’s chief minister is doing enough but is rather busy in the election campaign in the other states. Internal politics of the congress party has also affected the situation of law & order in the region.

The murder of Kanhaiya Lal, a tailor in Udaipur by two Muslim terrorists, the gangrape of a woman in front of her family in Dholpur & self-immolation of a seer against the state’s incompetence in illegal mining are some sad examples of states’ failed machinery.

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