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Real-Time Train Monitoring For Passengers; 2700 Locomotives Get RTIS devices

RTIS devices will help in automatic charting of trains and real time information flow to passengers. It will also give a big boost to the railways in evading any future train accidents

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Ministry of Railways in its recent collaboration with ISRO, has developed and installed Real-Time Train Information System (RTIS) in the railway locomotives. This will significantly help in automatic charting of trains and real time information flow to passengers. It will also give a big boost to the railways in evading any future train accidents and will also increase the safety credibility of Indian railways. 

What is RTIS ?

  • According to the IBM website, the Real-time train information system is a technique that helps in determining the current state of queues and channels within a queue manager. 
  • The device comprising GPS-aided Geo-augmented Navigation System (GAGAN) captures the train position.
  • 4G-3G complements the satellite communication transceiver, memory embedded operating system, CPU, and an application system.
  • The external antennae for all the modules are housed on the outdoor unit mounted on the loco rooftop.
  • The transponder of the satellite has been installed at the Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS) to receive real-time moment updates.
  • The exact positions and locations will be communicated to a central server using satellite and mobile data services.
  • The central server after receiving the data will further transfer it to the control office for the automatic plotting of control charts.
  • As the control offices are integrated with the national train inquiry system, thus accurate real-time information will automatically be obtained by passengers.
  • The application software in locomotive devices will precisely determine the arrival and departure of trains and also run through stations using a pre-defined logic.
  • After every 30 seconds, the CRIS data center will receive the train speed information. 
  • The configuration management system(LMCS) will monitor the health of the loco device, manage the configuration and also update its software.
  • RTIS will also implement emergency messaging between the loco driver and control office.    

What Benefits it will Guarantee? 

  • Without any manual intervention, now the Indian railways and its travellers both can monitor the real-time status of trains. 
  • The installation of RTIS devices will guarantee accuracy and precision. 
  • Irrespective of tracking the train movement, the system will also provider details about whether the train ran to its maximum capacity, speedometer errors and also check if the trains stopped more than it should have. 
  • The real-time monitoring of train movement will also evade any future train accidents. 
  • Such reliable and precision-based monitoring devices will increase the reliability of Indian Railways and is also expected to witness a surge in its revenue. 

Way Forward

At present, RTIS devices have been installed at 2700 locomotives in 21 electric loco sheds. In the Phase-II rollout, 6000 more locomotives across 50 loco sheds will be covered by using ISRO’s Satcom hub.

The current connection of around 6500 locomotives (RTIS and REMMLOT) directly with the Control Office Application (COA) will give accurate real-time information and automatic charting of trains to passengers. 

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