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India A Key International Actor, Russia-USA Backs For Permanent Seat At The UNSC

Russia & US both have backed India for a permanent seat at the UNSC. The UNSC currently has five permanent members including China, US, UK, Russia, and France.

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As India became the fifth largest economy in the world overtaking its former colonizer, its play on the global stage has gotten stronger than ever. After receiving support from the president of the United States for the permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council, Russia too has backed India for the permanent seat. The country’s tenure at the council will end in December 2022.

A Key International Player:

  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov extended support for India and Brazil for the permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council.
  • During his address at the General Assembly, the Russian Minister said that the UNSC needs more democratic and exclusive representation from Asia, Latin America, and Africa. 
  • He also said that Brazil and India are key international actors and are worthy of permanent membership in the council. 

India’s Strong Global Stand:

  • In the past few years, the world saw a shift in India’s global stance where it grew stronger and self-reliant than ever.
  • During the Russia-Ukraine conflict, India’s stand was crucial for the global paradigm shift. 
  • S Jaishankar, External Affairs Minister of India mentioned in his speech at Columbia University that not having India in a key global council is neither good for India nor the global lobby.

Chinese Coup, and A Destabilized South Asia:

  • With a possible Chinese coup, India has the potential to be the strongest country in the South Asian region. 
  • As the majority of countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh are on the verge of falling like Sri Lanka, India is getting stronger minute by minute.
  • With the permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council, India will be able to raise its voice firmly for the concerns of non-western countries. 

The UNSC currently has five permanent members including China, the USA, the UK, Russia, and France. A permanent member can VETO any decision coming to the council if it doesn’t seem appropriate enough. The voice of giving a permanent seat to Germany and India has been in the talks for a while now. 

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