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Taliban Fed Poisonous Food To Women So As To Curb Their Protest

To curtail the rising women protests in Afghanistan, Taliban has stooped to a very low level. Slow poison through food is being provided to the women in residential universities so to control their swelling numbers in the demonstrations.

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In a gory incident that took place in the city of Kabul, the Taliban has stooped to a very low levels for controlling protests in Afghanistan.

The women, who are protesting all over Afghanistan against the killing of innocent students, the majority of them being Hazara girls, in a blast at the Kaaj educational center in Kabul have now been served slow poison infected food so as to prevent them from holding protests.

The incident took place on 2nd October 2022, in a female dormitory at Kabul University. The female students after having dinner complained of abdominal pain, diarrhea, and fever. 

As per the sources of The Indian Affairs, Out of 1,500 girls who were living in the dormitory, 1000 girls were served poisonous food. The girls living in the dormitory complained that the manager of the dormitory was reluctant in taking the infected girls to the hospital.

girls admitted in hospital

A student from Kabul University named Mahsa said that “the dormitory authorities only allowed the girls to apply serums in the hospital and  prevented them from taking  any other medical examinations.” 

She further said that “the infected girls were not even allowed to get help from their relatives and friends from the dormitory.”

These girls were supposed to hold a protest the next day over the bomb blast at the Kaaj educational center. Hence, it is believed that the food was poisoned deliberately to prevent these girls from holding the protests.

Afghan women are currently at the forefront of raising their voices against the tyranny of the Taliban. The protests which got ignited over the killing of Mahasa Amini, an Iranian Kurdish girl by the moral police of Iran have now been flared up by the bomb blast at a Hazara educational center in Kabul. 

Women protests in Afghanistan

The series of protests in Afghanistan started on 29th September 2022 when Afghan women, in solidarity with the killing of Mahasa Amini, an Iranian Kurdish girl, staged a demonstration in Kabul, chanting slogans “Iran has risen, now it is our turn. Death to the dictator whether in Kabul or Tehran.”

After which, a blast on 30th September 2022, at the Kaaj education center in western Kabul further spread the protests to entire Afghanistan. Protests erupted over the failure of the Taliban to provide safety to Afghan people, especially the Hazara community, which is an ethnic minority in Afghanistan.

Demonstrations were organized in all parts of Afghanistan including the city of Kabul and Herat. In Kabul, the Taliban even resorted to opening fire on women protestors who were protesting against the incompetency of the Taliban regime to provide a free and peaceful Afghanistan.

Women protestors in Herat chanted slogans like “Education is our right,” while protesting against the massacre of dozens of students in a Hazara educational center.

The use of poison to curb the protests is evident in the fact that the Taliban regime has failed to suppress the voice of courageous Afghan women by using legitimate policing measures.

Hence, the Taliban is forced to use such ugly means so as to curb these protests, which have the potential of nurturing a solid revolution against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

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