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Taliban Leader Stanikzai Warns Pakistan Not to Interfere in Afghanistan’s Internal Affairs

This is for the first time that a high-ranking Taliban official has criticized Pakistan so directly.

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The Taliban deputy Foreign Minister Sher Abbas Stanikzai has called on Pakistan to stop interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan and has accused it of using the situation in Afghanistan to borrow money from the world.

Speaking at a gathering on International Tourism Day in Kabul on 27th September 2022, Stanikzai said that Pakistan’s allegation that Afghanistan has now become a safe haven for terrorists is a strategy to please the western nations in the lure of obtaining dollars.

The leader condemned Pak PM Shehbaz Sharif’s statement in the United Nations, claiming that Afghanistan is home to several dreaded terrorist organizations.

This is for the first time that a high-ranking Taliban official has criticized Pakistan so directly, and the reason for this is, the words of the Pakistani Prime Minister and Foreign Minister in the United Nations that the Taliban government nurtures terrorist organizations.

Stanikzai threatened Pakistan to stop defaming Afghanistan and its people. Addressing a gathering in Kabul, he said “we do not allow any nation to speak against Afghanistan. Pakistan is in dire need of money. Hence, it is making such baseless allegations against us in order to earn a few dollars. We won’t allow Pakistan to harm the dignity of Afghans just to earn some money.”   

Taking note of the drone strikes in Afghanistan, Stanikzai without naming Pakistan has accused it of violating the airspace of Afghanistan and allowing its military bases to conduct airstrikes in Afghanistan.

According to Tolo news, an Afghan television network, Stanikzai  said that “I have evidence about drone activity over the airspace of Afghanistan. If someone defies it, he may come to me to show him from which airport it flies and from where it comes. Millions of dollars are being paid for each flight. This is a business. Don’t deal with the fate of these people (Afghans). If you are hungry and don’t have food and cannot manage your country, try to find another path. We have always been a victim.”

The leader further went on to say that the US has violated the Doha agreement and has warned not to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. The statement was probably directed against US and Pakistan regarding the killing of Al-Qaeda chief Ayman-al-Zawahiri in a US drone strike in Kabul in August this year.

The recent statement by Pak PM in the United Nations has drawn sharp criticism from the Taliban. Pakistan has urged international communities to take notice of the threat which emerges from Afghanistan and to deal with all the terrorist groups active in Afghanistan comprehensively.

Many are of the view that Pak PM’s speech at the United Nations was to re-start another war in Afghanistan. This is done by Pakistan to fuel its economy, which is currently in shambles.

When Stanikzai pointed out the increased drone activity over Afghan airspace, he was signaling a US-Pak nexus, as both the United States and Pakistan have deep interests in Afghanistan.

Pakistan is conspiring to use Afghanistan’s strategic geography to start a new conflict for dominance in Central Asia, following the Afghan Jihad of the 1980s. 

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