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Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Announces New Appointees

Qari Kamran will now be the TTP Intelligence Chief 

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The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has announced new appointments for some of its key posts. The TTP spokesperson Muhammad Khorasani has informed about the recent appointments in the organization. 

As per the TTP spokesperson, “TTP keeps making changes from time to time for organizational reforms and development, and the current changes are a link to the same chain.”

The new Changes include appointment of Azmatullah Mehsud as the new Governor, Sarbakaf Mohmand will be the Deputy Governor and Qari Kamran will now be the TTP Intelligence Chief 

For Wilayat Mardan (Mardan Division): 

Qari Gul Rehman will be the Governor & Mohsin will be the Deputy Governor whereas Ali Haider will be the Intelligence Chief.

For Wilayat Hazara (Hazara Division): 

Qari Asadullah Kabulgrami will be the new Governor whereas Noman Hazarvi will be the Deputy Governor and Maulvi Obeidah will be the Intelligence Chief

Nizami/Military Commission (Northern Zone) 

Responsible: Maulvi Noorullah Mehsud

Deputy: Ghazwan Ghazi ,Admin: Hilal Ghazi 

Other Members: Saifullah Haqqani, Maulvi Maling Bacha, Talha Afridi & Asad Afridi 

Nizami/Military Commission (South Zone) 

Responsible: Mufti Burjan Swati &Deputy: Maulana Inamullah Wazir.

Admin: Munib and Other Member: Abu Yasir Mehsud Maulvi Zulfiqar Wazir

 “It should be remembered that earlier Bajaur, Dara Adam Khel, and Khyber Agency were also given the status of Wilayat, which have now been merged into Malakand and Peshawar respectively” informed the TTP spokesperson.

The Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan is a terror organization, that mainly operates in the tribal areas of Pakistan. The group has conducted several terror attacks on the Pakistani security forces which forced the Pakistani government to come to the negotiation table with the TTP for peace talks.

Recently, the Pakistan army has given operational control to the TTP in 6 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and has ordered the local police force to not take any actions against the TTP fighter’s activity in the area.

As per many Pashtun activists and leaders, this is being done by Pakistan to restart a proxy war by Pakistan in the lure of earning dollars as its economy is currently in shambles.

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