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‘The Kejriwal Trap’, Demand For Printing Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Ganesha On Currency Notes

In his official letter to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, Kejriwal persuaded that images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi should be printed on either side of the notes. While most Twitteriatis are baffled by this demand.

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‘इधर चला मैं उधर चला, जाने कहाँ मैं किधर चला,’ seems an apt motto for the AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal as his jumps ship from a Hindu bashing identity to a Hindu loving one. In his official letter to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, Kejriwal persuaded that images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi should be printed on either side of the notes. While most Twitteriatis are baffled by this demand, what is Kejriwal’s real intention behind this request?

Reasons behind the demand

While the chief minister of Delhi has always maintained the image of being a ‘Chunavi Hindu’, the reason given behind the demand of printing Hindu deities on the Indian currency has taken his LeLi supporters by surprise. In a press conference, the AAP supremo stated that as the Indian economy is suffering, the existence of Hindu deities on the currency will bring prosperity to the country.

This comes after Kejriwal banned bursting crackers in the national capital on the eve of Deepawali, the festival where these two deities are worshipped the most. As the country is busy debating whether deities should be printed on the currency or not, Kejriwal is busy garnering the attention he sought before the current Prime Minister’s forte state could go into general elections. 

 ‘B’ Team of BJP, Reactions That Matter

Alleging that the ‘B’ team of the Bharatiya Janata Party has finally revealed its true colours, the suffering Indian National Congress’s leader Sandip Dikshit said that this is vote bank politics, if Kejriwal went to Pakistan, he would say that I am a Pakistani vote for me. It’s not just Congress that has cornered Kejriwal on the Currency row, prominent Muslim leaders said that printing deities have nothing to do with beliefs here. It’s simply voting polarization. 

While BJP is in an attacking mode, giving the upcoming political master what he exactly wanted. Leaders of the ruling party called out Kejriwal saying that he is trying to become a Hindu as the elections near. ‘He is the same Kejriwal who refused to visit Ayodhya stating that Lord Rama won’t accept my worship there.’ He is the same Kejriwal who insulted ‘Swastika’ a holy symbol of Hindus in a tweet. 

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Does the Indian Economy Lack Prosperity?

As the opposition alleges, does India lack prosperity in terms of economy? It wasn’t long ago when the International Monetary Fund projected positive GDP growth in India while the world is suffering through an economic slowdown due to the Ukraine-Russia war. BJP spokesperson, Sambhit Patra, cleared that there’s no need to print deities on the notes to please them, they are already pleased. Due to the blessing of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Mahadev, and Bhagwan Shri Ram, India is the 5th largest economy of the world taking over its former colonizer as well. 

What do Indians have to say about Kejriwal’s demand?

Indians have the best response to any politically beneficial tactic, however this time it is about ‘Religion.’ For the past 75 years, religion has been a center point for the election wave, be it minority appeasement or the Ram Mandir movement. However, in the past seven years, the conversation has somewhat shifted from religion to the development of the nation.

Twitterati has given some logical arguments as to why printing Hindu deities on currency notes would be an insult to the sacredness of religious beliefs. The arguments given raise the question that people are supposed to buy ‘Chicken, Mutton and Alcohol’ with deities printed on them. Another concern was raised by the Confederation of All India Traders that many people use their spit for counting the currency notes. The largest confederation of Indian traders also stated that “Kejriwal’s demand is ridiculous, absurd, and illogical and we completely condemn it.”

The Boomerang Effect

Apart from condemning the demand, there’s one more thing Indians especially those who go to polling soon need to understand. Kejriwal’s demand to print Hindu deities on Indian currency notes has a boomerang effect. The AAP supremo got the Hindutva flag bearer Bharatiya Janata Party to refute the demand on logical and legal grounds, however, this can be misinterpreted in the electoral war.

In the past few years, a fraction of Indians has grown an irrefutable hatred towards the right-leaning ruling party of India. Vis-a-vis the denial of printing Hindu deities has created a sympathy factor within the Hindu vote bank as well as the LeLi vote bank. The reason being he took the ‘Fascist Hindus’ to admit that India’s a secular country. The outcome of the reactions may or may not affect the different dynamics of politics in India. 

Hypocritical Kejriwal, Anti-Hindu Beliefs, And The Minority Vote Bank

The demand by the AAP supremo baffled everyone as the image of the current chief minister of Delhi and his party has always been of an ‘Anti-Hindu’ crusader. His old videos of addressing a minority meet are making rounds on the internet where he says that ‘Kejriwal belongs to the WAQF board.’ 

Gujarat’s Aam Aadmi Party President has maintained an anti-Hindu image where he urged Hindu women not to attend any Satsang or visit temples naming them a center of ‘molestation’. He is also famous for abusing RSS/BJP for being Hindu-centric organizations. The exposed hypocrisy is now being termed on Twitter calling Kejriwal a ‘Chunavi Hindu’ as this isn’t the first where he has tried to appease the majority votes by words and did the exact opposite on the ground. 

Many Kejriwal supporters called him out giving a pretext that minority Muslims may be indicted due to the use of deity-printed currency. Alishan Jafri tweeted that Muslims may be incarcerated as Talib Hussian was jailed allegedly for wrapping cooked meat in a newspaper with pictures of Hindu deities. 

Just after being crowned the second most crucial state of India, AAP embraced the ideology of Bhagat Singh and BR Ambedkar in the state. The same Ambedkar wrote 14 principles condemning the Hindu religion and its deities. 

India is home to numerous religions with about 80% of Hindus who live in harmony, printing a particular religion’s deities on the currency would create a crux in the society. Voices of printing other religious figures on the national currency have already been raised, perhaps that was the plot behind the request to do so. Kejriwal already has the country’s national capital and a crucial border state under his hood, will he be able to gain Hindu votes in Gujarat through this ploy is a question in every voter’s mind in Gujarat. 

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