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Hustle to Stretch 'The Wire' of Fake News, What We Know So Far

The Wire made propaganda to target the BJP and anyhow developed fake emails and manipulated the entire matter which actually is a major technical problem.

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On 11th Oct 2022, a ‘fake’ investigation was done by ‘The Wire’, a propaganda news portal. This time the planned propaganda by The Wire was about an Instagram post through which ‘The Wire’ tried to target Amit Malviya, the national convenor of the IT cell BJP. 

Guy Rosen, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Meta has debunked all the projected theories of ‘The Wire’ that they were popping up so far.

In his tweet, Rosen directly questioned the credibility of ‘The Wire’. As he conveys that Andy M Stone’s email is fake. 

Let’s understand what notorious news ‘The Wire’ circulated:

The wire claimed that Amit Malviya controls social media sites, especially Instagram. ‘The Wire’ has claimed that when the national IT cell convenor of BJP reports a post, it is immediately deleted by the Meta. 

The whole crux is that the writer here claims that Amit Malviya has the authority and the power to check anybody’s social media account.

Whenever a ‘Concern’ is raised by the national IT cell convenor Amit Malviya to Instagram, it is immediately removed by the Social media platform. 

The wire has made allegations that it is done at the behest of Amit Malviya.

The post :

In the post, a person named Prabhakar Maurya, a resident of Ayodhya can be seen worshipping UP’s CM Yogi Adityanath in the very temple built by him, which he named ‘Yogi Adityanath temple’.  

His picture while worshipping was posted from an account ‘@cringearchivist’, to this Instagram did not allow the picture to be posted due to its technical issues of recognizing. 

The Wire made propaganda to target the BJP and anyhow developed fake emails and fabricated the entire matter which actually is a major technical problem.

The guidelines of the post said that the picture violated the term of Instagram and its guidelines as it displays ‘nudity and sexual activity’.

The writer Jhanavi Sen and the Founder-Editor of The Wire, Siddharth Varadarajan notoriously strategized the whole propaganda on Twitter by falsely claiming that Amit Malviya controls the posts on Instagram.

Jeff Horowitz, a reporter for ‘The Wall Street Journal’ showed a prime concern about whether The Wire’s documentation was right.

He showed his concern that this has really happened. If so, then this matter shall be taken to the ‘Sight Board’ of social media. 

What Did Meta Say on The Wire’s Allegations:

To this Andy Stone, the communicator of Meta clarified that all these glitches are handled by the automated machine and not humans. 

The Meta said that the glitch is a mistake due to the AI run, and this problem will be inspected.

Soon after all this matter, a fake email (according to Meta) was constructed by the fake news spreading team of ‘The Wire’. If they have written instructions that make it easy to understand the  English typo, which is very different from the official foreign language used by the Americans. 

All this chaos originated from The Wire, whose core is to build propaganda. Andy Stone, a communicator of the meta clarified that the X-check has nothing to do with the posts, and the documentation by The Wire is totally fabricated. 

Later Instagram didn’t allow the post to uplaod. To this post, the claimed sources of the wire are now being held accountable for spreading fake news. 

Whereas, Jhanavi Sen, the writer of this ‘investigative article’ always writes anti-government news stories and tries to intentionally give a twist to copies to make it anti-establishment.

(Articles by Jhanavi Sen, Writer. Sources- The Wire)

The wire is allegedly a far left-centric news portal, which is famous for spreading fake news and often comes in the target which promotes low-level journalism and only targets the government by hook and crook.  

Interestingly, Siddharth Varadharajan, the founder/ Editor of The Wire on 12th of Oct claimed that The wire now has an additional corroborative material in its possession and would now release additional information on 13th Oct regarding Meta’s false claims about the story in question. But Varadharajan failed to keep its word and there was no story on the Wire on 13th Oct amply revealing his falsehood. There is no denial to the fact, that a propaganda portal like The Wire could stoop to a low level of journalism.

No doubt that the headlines of The Wire backfired and the organization itself comes under the target. Moreover, the wire must  have become habitual to defending their NEWS, rather than building a piece of factual news.

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