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Kaaj Educational Center Blast Brings Afghan Women on Streets

The Hazara are a predominantly Shia Muslim ethnic group. They have faced discrimination and abuses from various regimes in Afghanistan.

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Protests erupted all over Afghanistan over the Taliban’s failure to bring peace and stability to the already war-torn country. This time women, who are subjected to the highest form of repression in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, have come out on the streets to stage demonstrations against the recent bomb blast at the Hazara educational center. 

In spite of facing restrictions, women chanted the slogans “Education is our right,” on the street of Herat protesting against the massacre of dozens of students, mostly girls in the Kabul blast on 30th September 2022.

In another incident in Kabul, the Taliban opened fire on women protestors who were protesting against the attack on the Kaaj educational institute and were demanding equal rights in educational institutions.

As per Tolo news, a demonstration took place in the Pul-e-Sokhta area of Kabul and the protestors called on the UN to take immediate action regarding the rising violence and the restriction imposed by the Taliban on women’s education.

“We call on the Islamic Emirate to provide security for women, particularly Hazara girls. Enough is enough,” said Wida, a protestor.

Women in Afghanistan are on the streets protesting against the repressive regime of the Taliban. Afghanistan remains the only country in the world where girls are not allowed to attend school above 6th grade.

Afghan women have shown indispensable courage, raising their voices against a tyrant, in the form of the Taliban.

Earlier on 29th September, 2022 women protestors in solidarity with the killing of Mahasa Amini, an Iranian Kurdish girl staged demonstrations in Kabul, chanting slogans “Iran has risen, now it is our turn. Death to the dictator whether in Kabul or Tehran.”

Taliban’s false claim of peace in Afghanistan

The rise of ISKP(Islamic State -Khorasan Province) has destabilized Afghanistan. The group is drawn by Salafist ideology and is the prime enemy of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The group has claimed several attacks in Afghanistan, targeting ethnic minorities by large. After the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021, the ISKP claimed responsibility for 13 attacks against the Hazara ethnic group of Afghanistan.

As per a report in the Hindustan Times, in August this year, ISKP claimed 12 attacks that killed 45 and injured 120 Taliban fighters/Shia minorities in Kabul, Kunar, and Nangarhar provinces. Between January 1 and August 30, Da’esh has claimed 130 attacks in Afghanistan.

Repression against Hazara communities in Afghanistan

The Hazara are a predominantly Shia Muslim ethnic group. They have faced discrimination and abuses from various regimes in Afghanistan. In the era of 1990s, the Taliban ordered a mass killing of the Hazara community in Afghanistan.

There are various terrorist groups in Afghanistan, that have different ideologies. This has led to targeted attacks against minorities, especially Hazaras and other Shias in Afghanistan.

The Indian Affairs has earlier published a report, where the US special envoy to Afghanistan, Thomas West claimed that Afghanistan is going to face an inevitable civil war in the coming days.

The prevalence of sectarianism in Afghanistan, the presence of global terror outfits, and the recent attack on the Kaaj educational center is indicating that these terror attacks on minorities will eventually result in civil war.

The international organization needs to step in to protect the people of Afghanistan as turmoil there will have global implications, particularly destabilizing the subcontinent.

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The Indian Affairs Staff

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