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TTP Accuses Pak Army of Conducting Frivolous Operations in Swat Valley

TTP claimed that it is a religious organisation who is fighting a holy war and all its actions are based on Islamic preachings. TTP has nothing to do with such criminal activities

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The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has accused the Pak Army of threatening the local Pashtuns in the tribal areas of Pakistan including the Swat valley. The TTP has issued a statement that the Punjabi Army disguised as TTP Mujadhids is trying to fill fear among the masses inorder to create an animosity and differences between common Pashtuns and TTP.

Pakistan is on the verge of becoming a failed state. It had celebrated when a dreaded terrorist organisation like Taliban took charge of Afghanistan in view of using it for its strategic depth policy. However, reports from the ground suggest that Pakistan has now become a strategic depth for Afghan Taliban.

The TTP enjoys safe haven in the Taliban ruled Afghanistan and conducts operations against the Pak Army in the tribal belt of Pakistan. The casualties of Pak Army is on a rise which is now forced to come to the negotiation table with TTP. A shame for any nuclear armed country who always boasts of being the sole Islamic country with nuclear weapons.

TTP statement on the recent incidents in the Tribal areas of Pakistan

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan(TTP) has issued a statement regarding unrest in many areas including the Swat valley. According to TTP, there are continuous reports coming out from some areas of Swat that a small group consisting of five to ten people believed to be of Pak Army are walking around at night.

The alleged troops are knocking at the doors of people and are throwing stones at the houses. There are also reports of theft in Lakki Marwat area. The aim of such activity is to spread fear among the masses and defame the TTP.

The TTP in its statement said these assailants are calling themselves as TTP Mujahid’s and their aim is to create a negative propaganda against the TTP, who are fighting the holy war against Punjab dominated Pakistan.

The TTP further said that these assailants are extorting money from local and are circulating fake news that TTP is kidnapping local people in lure of money.

The TTP claimed that it is a religious organisation who is fighting a holy war. Its all actions are based on Islamic preachings and has nothing to do with such criminal activities who they say is being done by some elements of Pak Army.

The TTP accused Pak Army of trying to instil fear among the local masses as it had been hammered by the Mujahideen in the tribal belts of Pakistan. The growing harmony between TTP and local people is a result of atrocities committed by Pakistan Army on local Pashtuns.

Post the US left Afghanistan, Pakistan is planning to wage another proxy war in the tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan to run its war economy. It has waged proxy wars in the past too in lure of dollars from the west.

Pak army is fearful that growing harmony between locals and TTP will be detrimental for Pakistan Army’s intentions of waging another Proxy war in the tribal belts and hence is doing such activities to create a rift between the locals and the Mujahideens.

The recent activities in the tribal belts especially in the Swat valley have made the people fearful of TTP. However, the Pakistan Taliban has rejected the accusations held against it on its websites. The fingers are now clearly pointed at the Pak Army for conducting such operation against its very own people.

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