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2 Russian Diplomats Killed In Suicide Attack On Russian Embassy in Afghanistan

A Suicide bomber planted explosives near the gate of the Russian Embassy in Afghanistan which led to death of 2 Russian diplomats

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Blast in Afghanistan

Two Russian diplomats were killed in a suicide attack near Russian Embassy in Kabul on Monday (5 September 2022). The death toll of Afghan locals has been estimated at around 15-25.

As per initial reports, the suicide bomber planted explosives near the gate of the Russian Embassy. Although he was neutralised while trying to detonate himself, the impact of the blast left a trail of destruction and debris all around embassy gate.

The Russian Response

  • The Russian Foreign Ministry informed about the death of its two employees in an official statement.
  • It read, “As a result of the attack, two employees of the diplomatic mission were killed, and there are also victims among Afghan citizens.”
  • Notably, Russia is one of the few countries that is maintaining its embassy in the country since the Taliban takeover.

From the Ground

  • According to a report by Aljazeera, one Kabul-based journalist informed that the casualty figure might go up.
  • A large crowd was gathered near the blast site when the attack took place.
  • According to the report, the attacker was identified by the embassy guards initially.
  • The attacker was neutralised by the guards before he reached his target.
  • But the explosives laid earlier blew up, leading to several deaths.

Problems of Taliban Rule

  • In recent weeks, there have been several incidents of attacks on civilians and religious seminaries.
  • Although Taliban regime claims a reduction in violence since it took over power in Afghanistan, but attacks on mosques have been rising.
  • A huge blast at Herat mosque that occurred last Friday killed 18 people.

The Conclusion  

Taliban, since the takeover of Afghanistan, has claimed to be the protector of women and minority rights but their actions— or more appropriately inaction to protect its citizens has been the main reason for the further degradation in the quality of life of Afghans.

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