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UK Political Crisis: Will Boris Johnson be the second coming of Cincinnatus?

Britain descended into political instability after Liz Truss resigned as the Prime Minister last Thursday (20 October 2022).

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Boris Johnson

Britain descended into political instability after Liz Truss resigned as the Prime Minister last Thursday (20 October 2022). However, this was not the end of political twists in Britain as reports surfaced of former PM Boris Johnson running for another term.

Former PM Boris Johnson was forced to resign on 6 September after a series of scandals against him.

Former UK PM Boris Johnson
Former UK PM Boris Johnson

Can Boris Johnson Make a Comeback?

Boris Johnson is yet to officially say that he will stand as a candidate for PM, but he has already been pitched among favourites.

The former United Kingdom PM has a history of comebacks, as was pointed out by a BBC report.

History of comebacks of Boris Johnson
History of comebacks of Boris Johnson Photo Credit: BBC Report

Though, it might prove to be a herculean task, even given Boris Johnson’s standards of bouncing back. He needs 100 MP nominations to qualify for the race for Tory leadership.

Reportedly, former chancellor to exchequer Rishi Sunak has already secured 100 MP nominations. Sunak, an MP from Richmond, is already a favourite for the post. Though, several others would rather prefer Boris Johnson as the PM.

Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg has already started a social media campaign supporting Boris Johnson. Hundreds of Conservative leaders have also publicly shown their support.

As per BBC, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has admitted to leaning towards Boris Johnson.

Despite the Tory lobby strongly backing the former PM, it is a thorny way, owing to the same reasons for which he had resigned.

Controversial Prime Minister 

Boris Johnson’s PM tenure began in July 2019 after the resignation of Theresa May.

He became the first PM born outside the British territories. Johnson, the face of the Brexit vote, won handily in the fresh elections that year in December. Conservative Party bagged its most significant vote share in decades in his leadership.

Johnson’s initial strong period did not last long as controversies hurdled his way.

Partygate Scandal

Several news reports in December 2021 rocked Britain that parties were organised in Downing Street at the behest of the ruling party. 

The reports angered the general public as the country was locked in strict Covid-19 regulations. The then PM Boris Johnson had denied the party allegations. Though later, he admitted to attending an event, which he thought was related to work.

Mass Resignations

The Johnson administration faced a bundle of resignations in July, this year, after the scandal on Chris Pincher.

In a letter to Johnson, Pincher was accused of sexually harassing two guests at a private dinner party— which he later ridiculously described as a drunken mistake. 

Scores of ministers resigned from the cabinet in just two days, including Rishi Sunak. With an intense pressure to resign, Boris Johnson struggled till the end but was forced to quit.

In his final speech outside Downing Street last month, Boris Johnson did hint vaguely about a possible return.

“Like Cincinnatus, I am returning to my plough”, comparing his exit to the 5th Century Roman statesman.

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus was a statesman and military leader of the Roman Republic. After his retirement as the dictator, he went back to farming. Though, he returned to his post due to a threat of an invasion.

What Lies Ahead for UK?

No one currently knows who will be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The UK is battling a severe energy crisis, which is supposed to worsen in the coming winter. Following the Ukraine-Russia War, gas prices soared in the country, increasing bills and decreasing the average standard of living. 

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