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Ukraine-Russia War, Terror & New India: Key Highlights of EAM Jaishankar's UNGA speech

EAM Jaishankar touches Ukraine-Russia war, the Chinese debt trap, terrorism and other issues in his UNGA speech at New York

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S Jaishankar UNGA Speech

Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar laid special emphasis on the Ukraine-Russia war, the Chinese Debt trap, and Indian leadership in his United Nations General Assembly speech in New York.

Addressing UNGA during its 77th annual session on (Sept 25), EAM S Jaishankar spoke at length on Ukraine-Russia war, the Chinese debt trap and the New India. He also reiterated India’s long stand for zero tolerance approach towards terrorism.

The address of Indian EAM S Jaishankar was being looked with much of interest, owing to the Indian PM Narendra Modi’s recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in which he adviced the latter on cessation of hostilities between the two nations.

EAM on Ukraine-Russia War

The EAM S Jaishankar reiterated the Indian position on the Ukraine-Russia war. “India is on the side of peace and will remain firmly there. We are on the side that respects the UN Charter and its founding principles,” the EAM said.

He further added, “We are on the side that calls for dialogue and diplomacy as the only way out,” Relieving his European counterparts, the EAM said that it (India) was on the side of those struggling with rising food, fuel and fertiliser costs.

The remarks of EAM S Jaishankar on the Ukraine-Russia war are significant as Indian diplomacy has been constantly put to test due to this issue.

The remarks align with Indian PM Narendra Modi’s advice or snub — as the western media would like everyone to believe — to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Ukraine issue. Indian government wants to project what the country would stand for, even if it has to be harsh on ever-green allies.

Slamming China

The EAM S Jaishankar was vocal about criticising China in his address as he lambasted the dragon for blocking sanctions on Pakistan-based terrorists.

Taking another dig at China, EAM said, “Accumulation of debt in fragile economies is of particular concern”. Adding further he said that the international community should “rise above narrow national agendas” in such times. 

Indian Leadership

As EAM S Jaishankar subtly criticised China for ‘narrow national agendas’, he praised the Indian leadership for humanitarian assistance.

The EAM gave the Indian example as he said, “We do so when we sent 50,000 MT of wheat & medicines, vaccines to Afghanistan. We extend credits of 3.8 billion dollars to Sri Lanka for fuel, essential commodities, trade settlement. We supplied 10,000 MT of food aid, vaccine shipments to Myanmar”. 

The Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar — widely known for his sensational speeches — once again struck a balanced cord in his address. The words of EAM signify the growing stature of India in global politics. 

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