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Unescorted Entry Access For Indian Defence Attachés in Pentagon

If you think that it’s not big deal so I tell you that even I don't have unescorted access to the Pentagon, added secretary airforce Kendall.

Pentagon building

A big development came from far away from India on the day the nation celebrated 75 years of independence.

In a ceremony held at India House in the USA, US Air Force secretary Frank Kendall announced that Indian defence attachés in the US will now have unescorted access into the Pentagon building, the US defence headquarters.

A ceremony was attended by the Indian ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu to celebrate Indian independence day which was participated by several officials and dignitaries of the US government.

US Air force secretary Frank Kendall said in the ceremony “As of today, Indian defence attachés have unescorted access in the Pentagon which is commencement to our close relationship with India as a major defence partner”.

If you think that it’s not big deal so I tell you that even I don’t have unescorted access to the Pentagon, added secretary airforce Kendall.

Pentagon, the headquarters of the USA defence department doesn’t give permission of entrance to its own citizens without the top security clearance from the government, After getting permission, most of the persons are escorted by the personnel from the defence department for visiting the parts of headquarters.

Indian attachés getting this permission will be a part of an exclusive group which has prior security clearance to visit the Pentagon.

This is a very exclusive authority which only a few could get, who are the close partners of the US. Significantly, the US designates India as the major defence partner in 2016, countries which are not members of NATO but are close allies of the USA are accorded this designation by the US.

The US put India on strategic trade authorisation level 1 in 2018, theoretically meaning that India could now procure more sophisticated defence technology from the USA with ease.

US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall also highlighted the Indo-US joint exercises, He pointed out that the USA performs more military exercises with India than any country.

India and USA are about to perform a joint military exercise in Uttarakhand in the coming month of October. This joint exercise called ‘Yudh Abhyas’ is taking place close to the border of China. This will be the 18th edition of the joint exercise.

Rising military and strategic cooperation between India & USA also include the agreements like Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA), Communications, Compatibility & Security Agreement (COMCASA) & Basic Exchange & Cooperation Agreement (BECA) to enhance the cooperation level between the forces and other concerned departments of the two countries to deter the common threats.

Both countries have expressed their commitment to raising the level of cooperation between the two.

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